September 17, 2009

What's been going on?!

I ran into one of my loyal readers (there's only about 3 total!) in Longview yesterday and she expressed some disappointment in the lack of recent posts. Carolyn, this is for you!

The start of school has kept us busy and we feel blessed to have so much going on. However, it leaves little time for documenting our lives. Hopefully I will find balance soon...
This is Zachary's first year to play flag football. His team, the Jets, had their first game last Saturday. I don't think they moved the ball an inch down the field during the entire game. Oh well, we are just learning the basic principles, right?!

Zachary is in the middle of that pile somewhere...he is on the green team and he is kneeling--if that helps locate him. Daddy is on the sideline in all black.This little boy, Coen, was serious about the blocking. During this play, they were on about the opposite 30 yard line and his team had already scored. The play was dead when I took the picture. He wasn't letting up though....Trace and Trent cheered Zachary on during his game

During the week before Grandparent's Day both of the boys' schools had a Grandparent Breakfast. I didn't take a single picture at Trent's. Ugh! Grandmother (my mom) spoke to Trent's classmates about why he is special. I don't know what all she said, but Trent told me that she did 'very good'.

This is a picture of our group at Zachary's special breakfast. Three grandmothers and a grandfather. I hope he someday realizes how blessed he is!!Emma ate breakfast with us too.Of course, Trent was hogging PawPaw the whole time.I let my little-est person stay home with me today. He just needed a little extra mommy time. We met my mom for lunch and enjoyed the day doing NOTHING!

Isn't he the cutest little thing?!

At lunch, he was picking the pepperonis off his pizza. My mom asked him, "Do you not like those round things on your pizza."

Trent answered, "They are pepperonis, Grandmaw. That's what they are called. Pepperonis."

I told her that we had been cleaning out our car. He added, "Because we were over it!"

Cancer Crusade this weekend. Looking forward to another great event. Praying for a break in the rain!!!!

September 4, 2009


We've had a great week and welcomed with love the cooler temperatures. Brandon and I celebrated NINE years of marriage on Wednesday with a little date night. We were reminiscing about our wedding was a record breaking 109 degrees on the day we got married. Why couldn't we have had a cool front like we did this week for my outdoor reception nine years ago?! It didn't matter to us then...we had an absolute blast at our wedding!

Zachary has had a wonderful week at school. The few hiccups have been smoothed over by having Aunt Karen at the school he attends. He has had to have a few hugs and words of encouragement from her when things get overwhelming for him. LOVING having her at his school!!!

Here are a few funny discussions we've had this week:
Me: Are there any pretty girls in your class?
Z: No!
Me: None?? What about L?
Z: Nah, well....she was pretty on her birthday because she had sprinkles on her eyes.
Me: Oh, how cool! How about the little girl who sits at your table?
Z: M?
Me: Yes
Z: She is pretty to a spanic (Hispanic), but not to me because I am an Englisher.

Z: T lifted up his shirt and showed me his tummy yesterday.
Me: Really? Why did he do that?
Z: He was showing me that he has rolls. He has three. Boom, Boom, Boom. (motioning to his stomach)
Me: Hmmm.....
Z: I was like 'What's cool about that?'
One day when we picked up Z from school he was having a very negative day. He just kept complaining and I finally had enough. I told him that I didn't like his attitude and that he needed to chill it. Trent joined in and said, "I don't like your attitude, too!"

I accidentally switched the boys sandwiches when making lunches one day this week. When I picked Trent up he said, "My sandwich had meat and musTRED on it. I love musTRED sandwiches. Can you make me another one of those when we get home?"
Looking forward to a 3 day weekend with my favorites guys. We have got very little planned and are anticipating some rest!