June 29, 2008

Passing through

Some of our favorite friends stopped by to see us on their way through MP. We were so excited to see them. I loved this picture of Olivia and Z playing at McD's. I found one from several years ago that shows them when they were first starting their little friendship.

Weekend of Celebrations

We have celebrated T's 2 years all weekend long. His birthday included breakfast at KK's, lunch at Grana's and family dinner at El Chico where he blew out candles at each meal. Z requested El Chico for him because he loves the song that they sing to the birthday boy. When he woke up from his nap yesterday, we presented him with the gifts that we had picked out. The 4 wheeler was a huge hit. Big brother is pretty fond of it, too.

Today he opened more presents when some friends who were passing through brought more gifts. He is napping now after lots of celebrations!

Tuesday is his official party! I'll have lots more pictures then.

KK's breakfast cupcake

Grana and Z baked this pound cake for T

Z picked out a new bike for T

New 4 wheeler--we are now owners of SIX motorized vehicles!!

He wasn't so sure about the sombrero...

...or the singing

One proud Mommy

June 28, 2008


Two years ago, today, I got my first glimpse of this little person.

A few days later, after a stop off in the NICU, we brought our little miracle home with us.

There have been lots of firsts and lots of fun...

We've loved watching this very special bond grow

And, today we are celebrating two precious years of life.

Happy Birthday, Baby Trent!

June 19, 2008

An award!

My sweet friend, Jamie, gave me a "blog award." Click here to read her entry. How exciting! I am so honored. With this and the 5K win, I'm starting to feel a little over confident!:)

June 18, 2008

Better late than never, right?

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful Daddy in the world! The boys and I are so blessed to have such a great man at the head of our household. We love you!

Happy Day to my dad, stepdad and father-in-law too. We are thankful for three very different -but all neat- dads and wonderful grandfathers for our boys!


Our monthly supper club theme was "Tex-Mex Smackdown." We were all a little unsure of what it would entail, but were instructed to wear running shoes, athletic wear, and our game faces. When we arrived we were broken up into teams for flag football. (Some people pulled flags, some people just straight up tackled!!! Erin, Brandon D....okay, maybe me too!) I was on the blue team, as was my husband, and I will happily report that we won! We also won at a late night game of Pictionary. Brandon drew the word Peru and someone actually guessed it. We proclaimed he and the master guesser as geniuses only to find out later that they cheated! Good thing they were on my team.

We also enjoyed fajitas (hence the Tex-Mex) and chips. Brandon and I had a great time. It was the first time that we will admit to being sore after a monthly supper club meeting!

Red Team a.k.a. Losing team

Blue team--Winners!

Erin and I after an unfortunate incident

This was immediately after I was plowed down by a grown man. Please notice he and my dear husband on the right looking oh-so-concerned about my well-being!

Mollie Michelle

I helped host a Sip and See for baby Mollie on Saturday. Her mother is one of my most precious friends and I was trilled to be able to help with the shower. She got adorable PINK goodies (she has 2 older brothers!) and everyone that hadn't already seen her was thrilled to see such a beautiful baby girl.

Sweet baby girl

Yummy cake!

Kisha (delivering on Friday), Me, Michelle holding an unhappy Mollie, Stacie and Erin

Swimming party

Z has been talking about having a swim party for months. Since his birthday doesn't fall in the summer months, KK and I promised him that he could invite some friends over for a "party". He didn't forget that promise, so Friday was the day. Three buddies came home from VBS with us. The kids ate McD's, swam, played in the playroom, sat in the helicopter, fed the swans, enjoyed the endless supply of junk food that KK provides, and had a great time. I think the PARTY was a hit!

VBS: Day 5

June 12, 2008

VBS: Day 4

June 11, 2008

VBS: Day Three

VBS: Day Two

June 9, 2008

VBS Day 1

VBS kick-off

A great kick-off for a wild week...

Gladewater Rodeo

Brandon got free tickets to the rodeo for Friday night. I know two people who LOVE the rodeo so it was a no-brainer on who to take--Z and my mom! We had a great time spending some time with Z (without baby brother) and my mom and stepdad.

The two rodeo lovers...please notice that my child is decked from head to toe in cowboy gear. SO GLAD he was since he got to ride this horse!:)

Z loved this horse Levi, even when he got a little rowdy. That was not my favorite part!

Watching all the action from our "box seats." That is not a joke, there really is such a thing at this fancy rodeo.