October 3, 2010

Megan & Clayton's Wedding

We were honored for Zachary to be invited to be the ring bearer in Brandon's cousin, Clayton's wedding. The wedding took place in dowtown Ft. Worth on September 11th. It was a beautiful setting, great weather and the reception was a blast. We had a great weekend celebrating!

The rehearsal dinner was at Joe T Garcia's. Delish!

Our first time to see Raegan since she became a college girl!

Trent and DaddyMy boys with Clayton I thought Brandon was having a good time??!!Lauren and Kelli are 2 of Brandon's cousinsRylan and ZacharyZachary was THRILLED to get to wear a tuxedo. (We were nervous about that because it could have gone either way!!) He loved every little piece of it. He loved getting it all on and checking himself out in the mirrorTrent was pretty proud of his blazer too. He was slightly jealous that he didn't have a bow tie!This pic is dark, but I loved it because Zachary was so proud of his suspenders. Our preacher wears them every Sunday and he said he looked like Bro. Clint.Before the ceremonyGrana and Pawpaw Trent was asleep before the bride made it down the aisle. He slept through the entire ceremonyZachary and Lexie were perfect! They stood still and acted like angels. I was very proud of Z!Congratulations Megan and Clayton!!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!