March 17, 2010

Hospital Field Trip

Trent's school took a field trip to the hospital last Thursday. It was a very informative and fun field trip. The helicopter was a huge hit. A few brave ones even got in.Alexandra preparing for the siren.The kiddos loved looking at a baby who had just been born a few hours earlier.
Then we were off to see the ambulance. The stretchers are super cool.Hayden had a little spill in the mud while we were outsideDr. David taught us about bones, x rays and casts. The saw that cuts the casts off was the kids' favorite.
Dr. David and HaydenWe were able to go into an operating room as well. Will was so brave and let them put heart monitors and oxygen on him.
We walked from the hospital to the pediatric dentist office across the street. Dr. Becca welcomed us into an examining room while working on a patient.
Dr. Kenny showing us all his tools out of the sanitizer.

Then we were off to school with loads of goodies from each stop.

****Just realized that my child is only in one of the pictures that I took. He is checking out the baby wearing an orange tshirt.*****

Making Muddy Memories with MAC

We enjoyed a very muddy weekend at the cabin a few weekends ago. It was Mac, our new dog's, first visit. I think you can see from the pictures that he enjoyed himself immensely.

[We lost both of our beloved labs in the past few months...I will post about that sometime :( ]

Trent, Mac Dog, and Zachary
I looooooove me some Mac. He is so perfect!
ALL my boysHe tried to wipe his face with his sleeve. oops
Muddy cuteness
Mac hasn't learned that he shouldn't run BEHIND the 4 wheeler yet
Brandon was SO proud of my driving skills in the mud. He was even more excited that the 4 wheeler was stuck in reverse after this small incident and he was forced to drive backwards down muddy trails back to the cabin. It was very entertaining for the boys and I to watch.

What a fun, MUDDY weekend!!!