April 11, 2011

All Trent

We love our Trent so much. He is just his own little person and so full of fun! He makes us laugh more than anyone else in our family does and doesn't care a bit what anyone thinks of him. He is not easily influenced, he doesn't conform, and is difficult to persuade! The things that we love most about him are also the things that make us crazy! Here are just a bunch of pictures that I had of him on my phone.

Trent loves Mac. Mac loves Trent. They are the best of buds and I hear Trent talking to Mac continuously while they play outside. This is IN my bed. Mac is an OUTSIDE dog. The two of them apparently forgot that information. But look how cute....how can you get mad?!

This picture reminded me so much of my brother growing up. He never got tired of this trick and as the adoring little sister, I never got tired of laughing at it! Trent thought he was the 1st person to ever think of doing it and was extremely proud!

Brain Gym's Thanksgiving program is always so cute. Here T is speaking in the microphone to say he is thankful for "going hunting." He has a "turkey" hidden under his shirt here. He told me after the program that it was really just a balloon. :)Dancing with his cute little dance partner, AveryOne day while shopping in Walmart I kept hearing T say he was hot. I looked over and saw this....T was a biker dude for Halloween. Every time he dressed up he added something or changed his costume up a bit. Z chose to go hunting over trick or treating and carnivals. Trent probably would have chosen that too, but I forced him to stay with me!This was at Brain Gym's annual Halloween Luncheon. T was a great server and had lots of customers, but I stayed busy and got only ONE picture. Here he is with my sister. I think that was his first customer of the day.This picture gets no explanation...because really, there isn't one. He was playing with my return address stamp one day....:)
Never a dull moment with our little TJ around!

The Big D

My kids were discussing when moms and dads "break up" the other day while driving down the road. I was listening and loved Zachary's explanation...

T: If Daddy and Mommy break up, one will take one kid. One will take the other.
Z: Mommy and Daddy can't break up. They are married.
T: Yeah, but I mean if they decide to...
Z: It's not easy to break up when you are married, Trent. It's a BIG DEAL! You have to buy another house and it's not good for the kids and you can't see your dad everyday and you have to go to court and a lot of other stuff. AND, it costs A LOT of money! Isn't that right, Mamma?

This is where I stepped in and did my best mom answers and tried to assure them that daddy was stuck with me; however, I really wanted to answer: "Yes, son, it would cost your daddy A LOT of money. More money than he has got now or will ever have. Please remind him of this if he gets any ideas" but I refrained. ;)

Zachary turns 7!

Zachary wanted to have a camp out at our cabin for his 7th birthday. He very nicely explained that moms (and little brothers) do not go to camp outs. Brandon and his friend Rick took 5 boys for the night. I went down for a little while to take a few pictures (fewer than I wanted bc my camera died after about 5 pictures!) They all had a great time and Brandon handled the night without me...even when one kid woke up wheezing and having a coughing spell! :)

Buying this cake was painful for me, I must admit. There will apparently not be anymore "cute" birthday parties for my Zachary :(He loved it so much though! And his little brother wants one JUST LIKE IT! I sure hope he forgets by the time June rolls around!All the boys.
They each had their own 4 wheeler to ride for the night which they loved!

The birthday boyLandon KellerZ and Jabo

They roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, road 4 wheelers, went hiking, shot bb guns, and played on the rope swing. The next morning they were all worn out....especially the daddies!!!!

Cute Quotes

Been a while since I've done one of these....I MUST DO BETTER!!

Z while flipping a coin: "Heads or Toes??"

T to his brother: "You are talking so mean it's making me want to throw up!"

Z: Mom, do you like to wear jeans?
Me: Yes
Z: Do you like to wear tights?
Me: I guess, why?
Z: Because did you know they make denim tights? G had them on today and they are denim and they are TIIIGGGHHHTTT! I think you would like them.

T: Mom, you look pretty.
Me: Well, thank you baby.
T: But you would look very pretty if you would brush your hair and put your make up on.

After having a discussion about a child in his class that is overweight Z: "J is very, you know, you know, umm....overweight. But she has a good heart, Mamma." While I was patting myself on the back for my excellent mothering skills, he adds: "I am not really her friend, but I am nice to her. I told her if someone is mean to me on the playground I will come get her to sit on them."

T: I brushed my teeth with Crust at Grana's. {Crest}

T has 2 little girls that both claim to be his girlfriend. One cold night at the ballpark he had his bag full of equipment and I watched him get one pair of batting gloves out for Kit and let her wear them to keep her hands warm. He then reached in and got another pair for Kate to wear. While my friend and I were telling him what an absolute gentleman he was he pulled out some baseballs. He looks at both girls and says, "Now which one of you wants to play with my two balls???" :) Such a man!

Fall things....

Quick trip to LR to celebrate Jamie's bday. Miss these girls SO MUCH! Happy birthday, Jamie!
Crazy hair day at school After a hard day work at the cabin

Zachary and Keller on dress up day at Brice. They were just happy the singing was over. At Zachary's school during one of our visits
Zachary's turkey for his turkey assignment. Hunting theme...of course!
Cute boys after the Thanksgiving program at Trent's school

Each kid said what they were thankful for. T said "Going hunting."
Fair field trip
Brain Gym field trip to the pumpkin patch. Trent is front right with his head down crying bc he didn't want to pose for a picture. I love how Livi is looking over at him! Halloween Keno...the Kardashian Sisters
Went to eat lunch with Zachary at school one day. He and Keller thought we needed a picture