January 19, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a fabulous Christmas filled with family and fun! I am so far behind on blogging that I am just going to post some of my favorite pictures from the holiday. (That's all anyone cares about anyway, right?) All the cousins

Daddy had this game as a child and was so excited about it...the kids---not so much.

Trent loved this and named it 'rockclimber" until Kent (next door) called it a dune buggy. Now we are all required to call it that. What Kent says is the gospel!!!
Kid's table at my mom's house

This is Trent's reaction after Jack told him to feel his muscle. I love it!!!
My brother, Tripp and his wife, Holly
My sister, Christy and her daughter, Katie
The aftermath of the madness!
Fishing with Uncle David
And what a treat that Ben came this year, too!