October 31, 2008


If anyone can help me with why my blog has decide to go all long and lean, I would certainly appreciate it! I cannot get my sidebar to be a sidebar---it seems to like the bottom position much better. It shows up in my layout on side. Help!

**Ok, when I post this Help! post the sidebar moves up. When I deleted this post, the sidebar moves back to bottom...am I being Punk'd??

Block Party

Last night was the annual Halloween safe trick or treating in our neighborhood. The school in our area has their kids set up booths in some of the driveways and they provide a hayride to and from the parking area. We had a big crowd and the weather was perfect! Zachary walked the loop with Uncle Jon. Trent stayed at home with me and passed out candy. The Frenches and Ochoas joined in the fun. Somehow I only ended up with pictures of my kids! Imagine that!

I'm sick that I didn't get a picture of the French trio with their Wal-Mart sacks for candy bags. Yep, they were "those" kids! Hey, at least, it wasn't a pillowcase!:)

Spiderman doing tricks on his scooter

Baby Batman triking around

Connelly and her dad, Collin, won our unofficial costume contest. Curious George and the Man with the yellow hat! What a sweet daddy!

Halloween Luncheon

The fall luncheon at Zachary's school yesterday was a huge success. Zachary loved serving all of his customers and his customers enjoyed Ms. Sherri's chicken salad. He chose to dress as a bullrider for this event. Though it was very hard to say goodbye to all his company and go back to his classroom, he did a great job.

Cute server

His first customer

Serving Aunt Christy and Katie

Serving 2 of his 3 grandmothers

October 29, 2008


[This post is a day late!]

Five years ago today, our lives were changed forever when we welcomed Zachary Brandon into the world. Brandon and I could never have imagined how much joy and love our little boy would add to our home. The Lord surpassed all of our greatest expectations by blessing us with him. We love this little guy so much and feel so honored to be his mom and dad.

Happy 5th Birthday, Z!

No idea what all those poses are...

I told him that I didn't want him to be 5 because before I know it, he wouldn't need me anymore. He assured me he would still need me for some things. You know, like starting the mower!:)

I feel so needed.

October 28, 2008

Redneck Commandments

Zachary has started memorizing the Ten Commandments. Last night he was saying the ones that he knows...

"Honor your mama. Honor your daddy and honor the south!"

Daddy was so proud of this!

When I asked him what that meant he told me, "You have to go church every week, but not if you have the stomach ache 'cause you could get someone else sick with your germs."

At least he got the point, right?

October 27, 2008


Sunday was a day that I had looked forward to for a long time. Some girlfriends and I spent the day in Dallas. We had a great day of shopping and enjoyed a fun dinner before heading to see Tina Turner in concert. One word for you: Fabulous! She is 68 years old and you would not believe how she moves--in the highest of heels! We had such an awesome time and we are already deciding on who we should go see perform next. We want to figure it out so we can give Nancy the dance moves in advance to study up on. She was seriously the weak link in our dance ensemble and we felt extremely bitter toward her for that! The poor people who sat around us....we definitely got our money's worth!!

And, to make it even sweeter, my sister bought my ticket for me as my birthday gift! Thanks, Christy. (BTW, click here to see her b-day tribute to me. Entertaining pictures to be seen.)
Attempt ONE at using self timer to capture group shot: Attempt TWO:

THIRD attempt: We finally gave up on including everyone in a single photo...

This is Nancy defending her dance moves after the concert. You can even tell in this still shot what I was referring to by weak link!!! This is her "rollin'..." dance.
We found a nice person to take our group picture afterwards to save us the mishaps of beforehand!
Girls, let's do it again soon! NUT BUSH!

Thirty one

I turned 31 on Saturday. The day started off perfectly when my 3 favorite guys woke me up with a dozen roses and a card that made motorcycle noises. (Guess who picked out the card!) After celebrating Zachary's birthday, we went to Kristin and Robert's house to enjoy MY birthday party. Kristin had invited several couples over and served my favorite meal--fajitas from El Chico. It was a fun night and my first ever "surprise party".

Carrie, Kristin, Erin, me and Nicole

Hideous picture of me with Kristin's beautiful chocolate chip pound cake

Thanks everyone for making my birthday special. BIG thanks to Kristin!

Super Party!

We celebrated Zachary's 5th birthday on Saturday with friends and family. We were blessed with perfect weather and a wonderful time filled with super heroes!

My favorite little heroes

Going for a slide on the big slide Party of four
Super Mommy and Popeye

October 24, 2008

School celebration

Zachary celebrated his birthday a few days early at Brain Gym this week. (He shares his day with his buddy, Sam, so we sent treats this week.) He requested rice crispy treats with spider man adornment. His teacher, who has recently discovered my blog addiction, was kind enough to keep my camera with her to capture some of his mini-celebration. Thanks for the pics, Ms. Sherri!

By the way, Zachary packed a lighter for his teacher to light his candle with. He was not even chancing the idea that his celebration not include blowing out a candle!

East Texas Yamboree

Brandon and I took the boys to the Yamboree in Gilmer last week. We watched the parade and enjoyed the greasy "fair food". It was our first time to attend the event and we were shocked at how many people were there.

Some of the parade floats were quite impressive for a small town parade. Here is one of the Yam Duchesses. We were told that the "Queen's parade" which was the next day was the one that was really over the top. Maybe next year we'll make that one so we can see the Yam Queen in person!

Here are my guys enjoying corn dogs and a funnel cake. The sausage on a stick and nachos have already disappeared!

October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Zachary's school went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch this morning. A cool front came through last night so the weather was very "fallish" and we all had a great time.

Hayriding with buddies

Competing in sack races

Getting lost in the haymaze
Checking out the brahmas
Playing tug of war

(I was the anchor of this team at one point and I have rope burn to prove it!)
Climbing the TOWER (the favorite amongst all!) Posing with the pumpkins we picked out

October 8, 2008

Razorbacks, Be proud...

...you successfully brainwashed my child in the 4 years that we lived in your territory. We saw a dead hog in the road this morning. Zachary loved looking at it up close, but couldn't figure one thing out. He said, "I thought HOGS were red!"

Pig sooie. Or something like that.

October 7, 2008

Pew Whee!

Look at what wandered into our yard tonight. Unfortunately Bo got a little too close! He's still trying to figure out what hit him. Thankfully, Brandon was home and the skunk met his demise at the hands of my husband.

October 5, 2008

Tiger Pride

Friday night we attended MPHS Homecoming. The boys loved the excitement of it all. The weather was great, and the home team won! It doesn't get much better than Texas football in the fall.

They were super proud of their jerseys. Trent finally took his off on SATURDAY night when we met friends for dinner. Yes, he slept in it!

October 3, 2008

Easy to Please

Several blogs that I read have posted 25 random things that make them happy this week so I decided to do one myself. Here goes...

1. Sleeping late (9 a.m. is a treat these days!)
2. Fall weather
3. My boys laughter
4. The back door opening when my hubs comes home each night
5. KK's chocolate cake
6. A good run (much needed after #5)
7. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail (thanks Jamie!)
8. Herschel's sweet tea
9. Good praise and worship music
10. Answered prayers--big and small
11. Laughing with my sister
12. A trip to Target
13. Reading with my boys
14. Dinner alone with Brandon
15. Getting my hair brushed
16. Hot baths
17. Clean sheets
18. When my mom takes my kids and I have nothing to do (TODAY!)
19. An uninterrupted phone call with a girlfriend
20. The beach
21. Snow
22. A text or call from my man for no reason
23. Lunch date with a buddy
24. Attending my weekly bible study
25. Good mexican food

Doesn't take much to make me happy! How about you? Let me know if you're doing a list of your own.

New Look!

Thanks to Meredith for making over my blog! Isn't it cute?! She is so talented!

If you don't see your link under my favorite bloggers and would like to be there, please leave me a comment. I tried to remember who all was on there, but may have missed some.

Have a good weekend!

October 2, 2008


I have officially handed KK's blog over to her. I was a total disgrace to her blog because I never posted, so now she is going to be doing it herself. Go by and say hi!