September 30, 2008

Homecoming Parade

The boys and I met Kristin and her kids downtown to watch the Homecoming Parade last night. Zachary liked it, but Trent said it was too loud. (The fire truck honked at us and scared him to death!) We are looking forward to the game on Friday night.

Please ignore my roots! One look at this picture and I made an emergency call to my hair colorist!

Kristin, John Robert, Sarah Kate and Mark (or M.J. as he has named himself!)

They've got Tiger spirit! They are ALL sporting Tiger gear! And rumor has it that S.K. got a mum for the game---from a high school boy!!! A little young, don't you think?!

Go Tigers!

September 29, 2008

Get well Daddy!

The man of our household has had the SHINGLES for over a week now. To say that it has been an unpleasant experience would be a major understatement. He thinks that he may be on the road to recovery as of today. During his illness, we have prayed nonstop for him to get well.

Here is Zachary's prayer for him:
"Please let Daddy get well. Not this weekend, but next weekend. Keep us safe and don't let a tornado get us. MOMMY, Look at Trent!!! (he had his hands folded in prayer.) Thank you for teaching Trent how to pray, I mean, thanks for making me so smart. Amen!"

I asked, "Why did you change your mind and say 'thanks for making you so smart'?"

His answer, "Because I am the one who taught Trent how to pray."

As I was telling Brandon this story, Trent folded his hands to pray so I encouraged him to pray for Daddy again. This was his prayer:
"Daddy get well please....(looking around with head bowed and huge smile)."
I said "Okay, Amen."
He stuck his prayer hands up his nose and yelled, "Boogers!"

Well, close enough.

Field trip to the Fair

Our first field trip of the year was on Thursday. Zachary's school went to the fair to get a sampling of all that it offered. High school students showed them around the livestock area, there was a petting zoo, we watched 2 different performers and then we were off to school for a pizza party.

That is Z on the left end, but doesn't Luke on the right end look so much like him?!

Spelling Bee

We loved cheering Emma on during her recent spelling bee. She won second place! Way to go, Emma! "Wring" was the word that stumped her. That silly silent 'w'!!

A day for digging

Jackpaw borrowed a huge track hoe last week to do some work. This required Zachary to have a half day of school so that he could help drive the equipment. He spent the entire afternoon in the cab of the track hoe with Jackpaw. Zachary was even operating the scoop when I went down to check on them. He was having the time of his life! (I think Jackpaw enjoyed having a buddy with him, although he wouldn't admit it!)

September 22, 2008


This guy is so cute I seriously can't believe he's mine!

While wearing these glasses today he was saying, "Sun. Eyes." Then he would shake his head vigorously.

This morning when I was loving on him he would say, "Granas lubin'" or "My PawPaw's lubin'" I was getting a little territorial and explaining to him that Grana and PawPaw can get all the loving they want, but Mama's loving is to always be available. Always. Even when he's bigger than me!

We met Grana for lunch today and he took his suitcase! He spent the night with them over the weekend and apparently he decided he really liked it.

I was telling him a bedtime story the other day and I guess it was boring him. He said, "My story" so I let him tell his own story. He said, "Batman. Spi-Man. Sup Man. Bobin." I said, "What a great story!" Then he yelled, "Sponge BOB!" Guess my sweet, lovey story didn't compare to all his super heroes.

In the bath: "Soap. Eyes. Kiss. It." Kisses around here have the healing touch- even on soap in the eyes.

Today in the car Zachary told me that he wanted the radio "super loud". After that, anytime I would turn the music down, Trent would say "sup man loud!"

He told me that his daddy gave him the sticker that was on his hand. I wondered out loud, "Where did Daddy get a sticker?" He answered, "Mall Mart!"

He also has learned to say I love you. You can only imagine the way it melts our hearts. Dad swears he said it to him first, but I will stand firm on the fact that he was bribed into repeating the words. The first unprovoked time was to Mama. Just trust me on this.

Whoever coined the term 'Terrible Twos' never met this little sweetie.:)

Bowling for Kai

Kai celebrated his third birthday on Saturday with a bowling party. Check out this cuteness:

All three of my guys had a great time bowling:

Kisha, thanks for including us in the fun!

September 21, 2008

Saturday morning

Nancy and I were successful in making it to Pittsburg for the Friends of the Library Run at 6:30 on Saturday morning. We were blessed with a beautiful sunrise and morning as we ran. Both of us were proud that we each finished with our own personal best times! Here are some pictures of before and after.



**Please notice the medal around my neck!! Another miracle! It's the silver...that means 2nd place for those of you who, like Nancy, may be confused with the medal breakdown.

Nance...let's do it again soon!

September 18, 2008

What a week!

It's been an eventful week, but not necessarily anything exciting to post about.

We survived IKE with very little bad weather. My parents lost a few limbs and here is their clean-up crew hard at work:

In all seriousness, we were very blessed and never even lost power during the storm. We were scheduled to host supper club on Saturday night and had to postpone the gathering, but we were glad to have that as our only inconvenience.

Trent has had a tough few days. Two trips to the pediatrician, a trip to the dentist, double ear infections, teeth issues, four different antiobiotics, and finally some releif yesterday afternoon! Today he went back to school in time for "Bring your pet to school" day. We were late (because of a dr. appt.) so we weren't able to take our dog, but he saw lots of cool pets. There were turtles, fish, dogs, cats, a pig and Radar, the World's Tallest Horse. [He REALLY is the World's Tallest Horse--check your Guiness Book!] I was running a very tight schedule to get to bible study this morning so I have no pictures to share. :(

Zachary has had a good week. He enjoyed going on a bike ride with KK since she bought herself her very own bike. Imagine our surprise when we saw it! Pee Wee Herman!!! Zachary said it was the "dorkiest bike he has ever seen". Even Trent calls it "dorky bike." KK cannot be deterred and is very proud of her blue bicycle. She told me that she rode out to the mailbox to get the mail and I quickly informed her that since she lives on a busy road she is NEVER to ride that bike in front of her house again. It is only for behind the house--out of sight of vehicles passing. I mean, it's all in the name of safety, of course!
Look at this. She's a grandma!

We are LOVING this weather and looking forward to a fun weekend. I will be attempting my second 5K, my buddy Nancy is coming for a overnight visit and we have 2 more birthday parties to attend. (That's SEVEN in the past 3 weekends if anyone is counting!) Hope your weekend is wonderful!

September 12, 2008

Day at the Dentist

Wednesday morning both boys had their teeth cleaned at the dentist. Dental hygiene is not our favorite subject around here so I was a little anxious on how things would turn out. We were cavity free, but when Mrs. Lynn asked Zachary how often he brushes his teeth, he proudly told her, "I NEVER brush my teeth!" Bless his heart for his honesty!

Jillian, these pics are for you!

Since getting scolded by Mrs. Lynn and Dr. Kinny we have been 100% on teeth brushing since our visit. Zachary has a chart and is working toward a skateboard! Here is our conversation regarding the consistency this week:

Me: "Zachary, I cannot even tell you how proud I am that you have done so well brushing your teeth since Wednesday."
Z: "Oh Mama, please just tell me."
Me: "I am so proud I cannot even put it into words. That's what it means when I say I cannot even tell you."
Z: "Just say it, Mama. Just say I am so so so proud of you for brushing your teeth."
Me: "Ok. I am so so so proud of you for brushing your teeth and for reminding me even when I don't think of it."
Z: "Thanks, Mama. And I am so so so proud of you, too."

And while we are talking good health, here is what Zachary told me this week regarding taking care of yourself:
"You have to keep your body safe. Don't let your teeth rot. Keep your bones from breaking and keep them together. This is how you live a long time."

Easy enough!

We love our Grandmothers!

Trent had his turn at honoring his grandparents this week. Because the reception was in the middle of the day, only Grandmother and KK were able to make it. He was really confused as to why they were there to pick him up from his class and why I was there serving. He made some handprint artwork for them, but refused to give it up. He kept saying "home" every time my mom would try to touch it--as in, I'm taking it HOME! Anyway, here are the few pictures I got from the afternoon:

September 7, 2008

Cancer Crusade

Several months ago I was given the opportunity to help organize the 1st Cancer Crusade for our city. Amanda, a girl I grew up with, has been battling cancer for the past four years and came up with the idea. My best bud Nancy and I were excited to jump on her bandwagon. After much planning, praying and sweat, I am proud to say we pulled it off.

On Saturday morning we held a 5K race and then afterwards, a trike-a-thon for the kids. I think everyone had a good time. There was music, food, bounce houses and prizes... The community really came through for us and I am so excited to report that we raised $14,500! The proceeds will be split between the Patty & Bo Pilgrim Cancer Center and St. Jude Children's Hospital. For our first year, I would say that is AWESOME!! Can't wait until next year!

Here are some pictures from the day:

Nancy, Amanda, and me The race is on...

My favorite "triker"

My favorite spectator Trace and Zachary (they each rode more than 4 miles!!) More trikers. My niece, Katie, is in the blue shirt High school buddies showing their support Trace and Zachary showing off all the stickers they earned It's over! We survived!

Happy Grandparent's Day

Today is Grandparent's Day for those of you who didn't know it. I fell into that category myself until my Granny called to let me know!!! Anyway, Zachary's school had a brunch on Thursday to honor their grandparents. He was home sick all week from school, but went to the breakfast for a little while. Since I wasn't invited, I don't have any pictures of the actual event, but here he is with Grana and Pawpaw when they picked him up to take him that morning:

Grandmother took the middle shift so I don't have any pictures of her with Z.

KK was the last grandparent to go and brought my little guy home from the brunch:

My boys are so blessed to have three wonderful sets of grandparents. Hope you all have a nice day, Pawpaw, Grana, Pawpaw Mark, Grandmother, Jackpaw and KK.

AND, to my grandparents, Granny, Grandmother and Grandadddy, Happy Grandparents Day!

A weekend away

Brandon and I celebrated our EIGHTH anniversary over Labor Day weekend. We went to Dallas for the long weekend and really enjoyed our time as a couple.

Here's a breakdown of our time together:
-enjoyed conversation without ever being interrupted
-ate at restaurants that didn't even have children's menus
-went to a movie that was not produced by Disney
-relaxed by the pool without ever being splashed, climbed on or blowing up a floatie (I even turned my back to the pool to lay out!)
-stayed up late and slept in a King size bed ALL BY OURSELVES
-watched whatever we wanted on t.v.
-shopped without a stroller
-attended a hilarious comedy performance where no kids were allowed
-experienced a car ride without a single DVD change out, potty break, or "are we there yet?"
-never wrestled, changed a diaper, looked for a pacifier, wiped a mouth, fixed a sippy cup, fastened a carseat or corrected a child

And you know what?! We missed those boys like crazy! We couldn't wait to get home to them and left on Monday morning at 7 a.m. to get back. It was a great break, but we were reminded of how much joy our kids add to our lives.

Thanks, Mom and Mark, for babysitting. I know you were both worn out when they left.

And, Brandon, eight years later...I'm still glad you're mine!:)

[Sorry no pictures...we took a vacation from the camera, too!]

Happy 30th Michelle!

Brandon and I attended Michelle's (not so) surprise party recently. We were happy to usher one of our last friends to turn 30 into old age! Michelle and her husband, Russell, were also high school sweethearts so they are one of our oldest couple friends.

I gave Michelle a "change your life" bag for her big day. I will let you know once I hear how life altering it has been for her!
Michelle, Russell and precious baby, Mollie

Their two boys, Colby and Will, were also there, but too busy to pose for a picture.

September 5, 2008

Wondering where I am???

It has been a wild week with this AND a sick child. I will be back soon with lots to post about!

Hope you've had a great week!