January 24, 2009

Blog Award!

Nichole tagged me with this sweet blog award. Thanks, Nichole!

First, I have to say one nice thing about my man: Besides the fact that he is my best friend and puts up with more than his share of my "stuff", my favorite part of him is that he makes me laugh every single day. We have so much fun together.

Second, here is my list of 6 ways that I measure success in my life:
1. Being confident of where I will spend eternity
2. Happiness in my marriage
3. Raising boys of integrity and faith
4. Keeping a good relationship with extended family
5. Making meaningful friendships and maintaining them
6. Growing spiritually, physically and/or emotionally on a regular basis

Lastly, I need to pass this cool award along. Here are 6 of my regular reads:
1. The Hart Family
2. The Garner Family
3. KK's Kreations
4. The Svoboda Story
5. Honeyman 4
6. Watsons

Hope you'll all play along.

January 18, 2009

'Bump' Beds

****FINALLY added the pictures!

Our last crib photo: New BUMP beds
Saturday was a big day at our house. The crib that has been in our numerous places of residence for the past 5 years took a move to the attic. It was a little sad, but it can always be put back up, right? {That was for all the grandmothers...hope none of them had a heart attack!}

I have been trying (and will try again later) to post a final photo of what had become really only a playground for my boys. Sure Trent still loved the baby bed and wasn't too big for it at bedtime, but around three every morning he decided that he was, in fact, too big for the crib and prefers a bigger bed...like a king size one!

We now have new 'bump' beds that the boys are both so excited about (pictures as soon as I can get them to post!). Grana and Pawpaw bought them for the kids to have at their house not very long ago and decided we should have them at our house. And, since it's not nice to argue, we took them ASAP before they changed their minds. Grana even gave me all the bedding for them! I was pumped---to say the least! The beds have a trundle under them that is called a 'tremble' at our house. So basically we have a 'tremble' bed, a lower 'bump' and an upper 'bump'. Loving it!

Garner fam, we are ready for you! Head this way!

January 12, 2009

I cannot deny them

The five year old little set of ears in our house is listening to every word coming out of my mouth and repeating much of it.

Over the weekend we had a visitor who WOULD NOT LEAVE! The person talked, and talked and talked...Brandon and I kept looking at each other and cracking up because he wouldn't get the clue that our visit was over. Zachary quickly caught on and said out loud, "Aren't you ready for him to leave, Mama?" Thankfully the guest didn't hear him and I quietly explained that he couldn't say those things out loud...even if they are true! Then he said, "He is giving us way too much amation." I had to just laugh out loud at that. Apparently even at 5 he knows about TMI--his version is TMA.

Today he was drinking a cherry coke and I asked to try it. (It's been a long time since I've had one.) After I took a swig, I made a face indicating that I did not like it. Zachary said, "I knew you wouldn't like it. It has like 100 calories."

We took Trent in to see the pediatrician this morning for an earache. He got so mad about being examined and cried so hard that he threw up all over me, and he had JUST drank red kool-aid. Right as he did it and I am standing there soaked in red throw up, I heard Zachary say, "Well, that's just great!"

The little one has even started with his mother's tactfulness (or lack there of.)

After Christmas we were in a gift shop downtown and I wondered aloud, "What does Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (candle) smell like?" Trent sniffed and proclaimed with his loudest voice, "That smells like dog poop!" Thankfully we know the shop owner and she was not offended.

I have got to teach these boys a little about censorship.

And, as soon as I figure it out...I'm going to get right on that!

January 9, 2009

Dirt Won't Hurt

He is proof of it.

January 7, 2009

Grana Rocks

Today is the boys' Grana's birthday. We celebrated over the weekend and are taking her out to dinner tonight too. She is an awesome grandmother to my kiddos and if they turn out to be spoiled brats, she will get the bulk of the blame!

Happy Birthday, Jana!

Today is also our dog, Luke's 8th birthday. I am such a good dog mom that I totally forgot until Kaye reminded me. I patted him a little extra when I got home this afternoon. Bless his heart, after my boys arrived on the scene he went from being an inside the house, sleeping in the bed, mama's boy to a neglected outside DOG!

No pictures with this post because they won't download for some reason...I'll try to add some later.

January 2, 2009


Our neighbor, Kent, competes nationally in motorcycle racing. My boys love to watch he and his brother practice in their backyard. So when they invited us to go watch them at their training track, we were all over it! Well, Zachary was all over it...he counts Kent as one of his best friends and thinks he is the coolest guy in town.

Trent was a little more reluctant and spent his time at the track like this:

Can you believe this?? He made me so nervous!

Kent was so sweet to my boys and Zachary was in heaven.

It sure didn't take long before...

OMG! I actually let this happen. BUT, not before threatening Kent with his life. I am sure that he thought I was an absolute psycho before the day was over.

The tires never left the ground and they moved at a "snail's pace" (that was part of my threats!) but to Z, he was racing like a pro.

How long do you think it will be before he is asking for a dirt bike and to begin racing???

On the Go

This is how we've spent our days since Santa visited our house:

We've even hit some trails.

Little brother is just thrilled with his hand me down. Check out the tires...we get our money's worth out of our toys!

My little wild men

Check your attic!

Did you know that Santa will sometimes leave gifts in your attic that you may not find until you are putting away your Christmas decorations?! It happened at our house!

This huge dump truck, along with two sacks of stocking stuffers, was hanging out in our attic when we opened it up yesterday.

Didn't bother this cutie one bit!

Silly Santa!

Welcome 2009!

Brandon and I were lucky enough to have grandparents willing to babysit on New Year's Eve so we were able to have a night out with friends. We all met up at our house and then headed to Carson House for dinner. Brandon and I haven't been there since high school and it was just as good as we had remembered!

Here is a group picture at our house before dinner.

Note to Brandon and myself...DO NOT take the post nearest the camera when using self timer. It is NOT a flattering site!

We think that Erin's invitation must have read DYNASTY attire required.:)

Nicole and Corey weren't included in the group picture beforehand because they may not have been told about meeting at our house. I am getting the blame for this, but she's pregnant and I think she just forgot about it all together. See, look at Corey, he knows she's crazy.

She couldn't get over it. She's still fussing...

As always, we had a very entertaining time and loved celebrating the New Year with these friends.

The boys had a great night of popping fireworks at Grana and PawPaw's house. They stayed up until after 11 and had a blast. On New Year's Day they woke up and talked our ears off telling us all about their night. They saved a few fireworks (or PawPaw tired out) to shoot with us that morning.

Happy New Year!