May 27, 2009

Destin 2009

Our trip to Florida was perfect. Here is a breakdown of our stay in pictures. (Get comfy...there's a million!)

Sitting on the dock of the bay....
Dirty face didn't stay in Texas

That water is COLD!


Probably my favorite picture from the whole trip.

We love crab legs!
Each night my boys were worn out!

We love this real pirate and look for him every year
Feeding fish after dinner
One blessed momma

Taking an airplane ride
This was right before a small incident that involved our car turned around backwards and the employees coming to our aid. OOPs!
Bumper boats are always a hit
Zachary and Seth-part of the crew from his very first deep sea fishing trip
Quick nap on the way out to sea
Helping the captain
Displaying his catches. Please notice tiny fish too. We are proud of EVERYTHING we caught!
Z with the entire crew
Water is STILL cold!
But he couldn't stop "surfing"
Trent was content playing in the sand
A little water gun action
Absolute joy!
Little ocean side nap
Date night...we went to Ruth's Chris. Yummmmm
Z spent the majority of his time like this
Snacks are very important to Trent
Napping under our table at lunch
We love that Harry T's is back and better than ever! Watching ALL the boats in the harbor was so fun!
Ran into our pirate friend again

What a wonderful time with my guys! Thanks to Paw Paw and Grana for a fabulous time!

May 21, 2009

Funnies for the road

I have a few spare minutes before leaving for a tball game and then getting on the road for our trip. I remembered a few funnies that I wanted to document.

T: "Is this gum hot?"
Me: "No, I don't think so."
T: "Is it just warm?"

Trent didn't take part in the group picture at school last week. When I asked him later what the problem was, he replied, "I just didn't want to." Followed by, "When I am a little bigger, I will be in the pictures."

Zachary was having a moment last night and I was having to correct him. Trent looked at me and said, "He's bad." Several seconds later, he said, "And I'm good."

Trent has taken to wearing his underwear backwards. The design on most of his undies is on the back and so he puts them on backwards and refuses to change them. His little hiney looks hilarious with the skinny part of the underpants in the back.

We got his hair cut again last week. I kept telling him how much bigger he looked with the trim. He finally said, "I'm still a baby. I need a pacie."

Tone of voice has become an issue at our house lately. We are constantly reminding Zachary to watch his tone when addressing one of us or his brother. He came to me the other day and said that he thought we needed to teach Trent about tone.

That same day, I was lecturing Trent about something unrelated and he said, "Don't talk to me like that!"

Trent's vocabulary cracks us up. Here are some of his current favs: accinent. birfday, definitely, actually, excuse me, brudder (brother), nebermind, pay it (buy something), and finally, our favorite, annorging (combination of ignore and annoy).

How can you not love life when you have these two making you laugh constantly???

Leaving on a jet plane

First a quick update from my gal, Nancy. She sent a brief e-mail Tuesday morning and sounded great.

"I only have a second to write but just wanted to give you a quick update... The trip has been AMAZING so far... pray for the Christians here... they are under so much persecution from the Hindu people... it is awesome to see their faith and love for others.... they have such a desire to see their country redeemed for the Lord... The blog was updated today to tell a little about our experience so far... I am already in love with the people here and know that it is a place I will want to visit again. Oh... just got the word we are leaving!!! I love you all and will try to email again... Please pray for our ride... it is pouring rain and we have a very rough road ahead :-0!!!"

You can get more details on the blog that she mentioned by clicking here.

In other news, we are leaving TODAY for the beach! Just can't wait...

Zachary said on the way to school this morning, "I just cannot wait to have all the fun we are going to have. Throwing sand, playing in the ocean, swimming..."

Trent chimed in, "And flying!"

He is going to be so disappointed when he sees the Mommy Mobile packed up and then spends hours drving 1/2 way across America. Poor thing.

I couldn't damper his sweet spirit. I just went along with it.

Got lots to do to finish packing all of us. Brandon attempted packing himself last night for the first time ever and I can tell you that I won't request he do it again. :) At least when Trent packs non-essentials, it's cute. Not so much, when it's a grown man!

I hate to even jinx myself, but I should be back sometime next week with some adorable pictures. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

May 18, 2009

Packin' up

Today the boys and I are home doing chores and preparing for our annual trip to the beach that is fast approaching. I mentioned to them this morning that I was going to begin packing. As I did laundry I went ahead and put some things in Trent's suitcase. A few minutes later, this is what I found by the door...

Think he's excited about leaving???

I opened it up to see what he had added. Check out the football, small pink ball and baseball hat.
I also found that he had generously packed himself and his brother a backpack with snacks. Plain crackers for both of them. Apparently we aren't going to eat too fancy on this vacation.

We are counting the days....

Park Date

Friday we went to Longview for a day at the park with Granny Great, my sister and niece, Katie. Granny showed us a park we had never been to and the boys loved it. We will definitely be going back.

I just love having a Grandmother who is still active and enjoys being with my kids and me. She will be 84 soon...isn't she a cutie?

May 15, 2009

Fancy Nancy

This is Nancy and I. She is one of my all time favorite people...

Nancy and I have known each other since Kindergarten, but only became friends in high school after we got over some unfortunate incidents of teased hair, tight jeans, and dating the same guy in junior high. (The first two were all her.) When she finally gave up on keeping me and my boyfriend apart
(I'm not bitter--just stating facts), she became our great friend. She even stood beside us years later when we tied the knot. She has been a dear friend to me and loves me even though she knows all of my unlovable parts.

[By the way, YES, she's cute. YES, she's single. And YES, she would be interested in being set up with your cute brother, friend, coworker, etc.]

Anyway, as I was saying....

This is Nancy saying "I'm outta here!"

You see, Nan has a heart that loves the Lord and desires to serve Him. She is leaving Saturday morning for Nepal for a medical mission trip. She is going to an extremely remote village in Nepal that will involve several modes of transportation in the process of traveling. (My favorite is the 5-8 hour HIKE!)

I am posting this information so that you can join me in prayer for her and her team as they travel, provide medical attention and spread His word and His love to several parts of Nepal.

Please be in prayer for Nancy as she travels alone for the first few legs of her trip. She has asked for specific prayer regarding getting through customs with LOTS of meds. Also, pray for her health and safety throughout the duration of the two week trip.

I will be updating as I hear from her, but you can keep up with her team through their blog by clicking here.

Nancy, I am so proud of you and am praying for a wonderful experience for you. PLEASE don't fall in love with a native and stay in Nepal forever.:) I love you!

May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

My favorite gifts this mother's day were all made with love by my favorite boys:

I'll definitely be cashing this in...
Zachary's cousin, Emma, helped him make the above coupon and a cookbook for me...

When I asked where they got the yummy recipe for the cookies inside, they explained that Emma had searched on the Internet and found it.:)

Zachary made this vase for me at school:

Trent made this mini vase for me at school

Mine was without a handpainted flower inside, the heart in it explained why...
I was unaware that he likes to stay clean--just another Mother's Day surprise for me!
I also got some really great gifts FROM all the moms in my life. And, I enjoyed two very delicious meals cooked by my mother in law and my brother in law.
My husband and boys also bought me a wii. I really have nothing else to say on that subject. I am sure one day I will laugh about it. Not today.
A funny from the day: When my mother in law opened part of her gift from us, Zachary explained, "My mama bought that for her Keno gift, but she didn't get to go."
Thank you, Zachary. I appreciate that honesty more than you know.