December 19, 2009

'Tis the Season

The busy-ness and wonderful-ness of the season has gotten in the way of my blogging. Here's an update on our last few weeks.

Brain Gym took it's annual field trip to the Christmas tree farm. It was the coldest day of the year, I believe. The kids loved it! They picked the perfect tree and cut it down to take back to school.
Everyone got a turn with the sawThe mommas and the daddies were the coldest!Kisha, Nicole and I headed to Dallas this week for two FULL days of shopping. We shopped until we dropped...literally!! Here they are after our first mall stop. After another stop...getting pretty full
When we arrived at our hotel at 1 a.m. we convinced ourselves that our car would definitely get broken into in the parking lot so we unloaded our entire car (except for the large items)!
The finished product!

We had a ball!! And, if our husbands will allow, we will make it an annual trip!:)

Thursday night Brain Gym held their little Christmas program. Here's my favorite little student singing his heart out.

Frosty the Snowman got an "old silk hat they found...."

"...and he began to dance around."

That deserves a big bow!

At the conclusion of the program, each boy went and got his mom and each girl went to get her dad to dance with. Look who my son picked:

After their dance he announced, "My dad didn't do it right."

Serves that boy right...Lesson learned, I hope.

Trent and Ms. Sherri We love this lady to pieces.

Friday was Zachary's last day of school and his class party

They each brought an ornament for an exchange.

Zachary loved the Santa ornament he got

He has been blessed with a wonderful teacher that we all adore.

It's been a very full and fun few weeks. The boys are out for 2 weeks and we are looking forward to a great break!

December 13, 2009

Sister is 40!!!

My (much) older sister turns the big 4-0 today! Hard to believe, but it is the truth! She has a horrible memory (probably old age) so I have listed 40 of my favorite memories of her. Without a doubt, she won't remember half of them...

{If you are not part of my family...this will be the longest, most boring post you've ever read!}

1. Has twisted her hair for her whole life. I was once sitting behind her at a redlight and didn't realize it until I saw that the person in the car in front of me was twisting her hair...recognized her immediately! Thought maybe she would grow out of it, but not a chance! My dad is MUCH older and he still does it!
2. When I was a toddler she lit a candle and held it to my nose to smell. Of course I burned my nose! She says it was my fault, but when I wanted to try it with her toddler--she changed her story.
3. I told my best friend Rebekah that Christy would bite her if she got near her. I didn't want Rebekah to play with her while at my house. She actually believed this for a while!
4. She is one t-shirt making fool! She has painted me more t-shirts than I care to admit. She also made them for my cheer team one year and matching ones for all my bff's when matching your friends was a cool thing to do.
5. When she was a teenager she would stick her head out the car window after leaving the beauty shop because she hated how her hair was fixed. Every time.
6. Loves Winnie the Pooh. She won't admit it, but trust me on this one.
7. Had her room decorated with the 'coolest' KISS and Poison posters throughout high school.
8. We have had an agreement for years that we tell each other what my mom gets us for Christmas. Every year. Sorry Mom.
9. I spent lots of time cruising the strip in the backseat of her car. Felt like I was SOOOO cool until she yelled for me to duck!!
10. Dropped a can of corn out of her pantry on her foot one time. Mom was visiting me in Waco when she got the emergency call. Oh the drama....
11. Owned a curling iron with bristles. For reasons unbeknownst to me, she told me to touch the metal part. For more reasons unknown to me, I did it. And cried.
12. Believed in home treatments of hair as a teen. I remember one night in particular where she colored her hair SEVERAL times trying to get the color she desired. I seem to also remember an unfortunate incident with a home perm.
13. Worked at a children's clothing store while in college. Once while my mom and I were visiting the store she caught a shoplifter. She followed him and got the clothing that he had taken. She then asked, "Is that all you have? You promise??" Because everyone knows that a shoplifters promise is as good as gold.
14. Owned EVERY color ribbon belt in high school. And nothing would make a sister madder than for her little bratty sister to wear it on the day that she desired to wear it.
15. Actually, one thing would make her madder. Wearing her Polo socks. She finally sewed small blue threads on the toes of hers so we could tell ours apart. I'm serious. True story.
16. Once called my mom in a panic because she thought that she had thrown her boyfriend's senior ring out the window in front of the school. My mom and I rushed up there to help her search the side of the road. I was suddenly stricken with blindness and walked up and down the road at the entrance of the high school as the entire student body was leaving using a yard stick as my cane to help navigate my way. I still can't figure out why I annoyed her so badly???
17. When she graduated from college I yelled, "Way to go, SisTOR!" as loud as possible in the quiet auditorium. She was so proud.
18. She snorts if she gets too excited. Sorry, had to be disclosed. Only few can make her snort. I am one of the few.
19. The day I was brought home from the hospital she and my brother attempted to build a brick tree house. A brick was dropped on her head. As if having to share the spotlight with another girl wasn't hard enough...
20. Came to my sorority presentation at Baylor. Several people told me that my LITTLE sister was so cute. She hasn't gotten over this.
21. Green means go to her. Floored her car when the light turned green, but forgot to make sure the car in front of her had moved. Nailed him! I voluntarily took the floor board that time.
22. Pushed my cousin down the stairs in our house in a wheel chair. They had it planned perfectly except for the part about the stairs turning half way down. I think there was still a hole in the wall when we moved out of that house.
23. Took me for a ride in her truck while I had a broken leg at age 8. My crutches were in the back of the truck when it started raining. I yelled "Get my d**n crutches!" She just stared at me and said, "DO NOT tell Mom you said that."
24. 'Pumped' me many miles on the handlebars of her bicycle.
25. Received a diamond ring from her first serious boyfriend. The stone fell out, but I was sworn to secrecy because they were going to have it replaced without him ever knowing. When he was over one night and she got up to go the bathroom I rushed in and blurted the news out. It was just killing me...couldn't wait to tell him!
26. She had a Snoopy phone that she adored. I drew a belly button on his belly with a sharpie marker. She didn't appreciate it one bit. I still don't see why...doesn't Snoopy have a navel?
27. Christy and her best friend, Buffy, followed my school field trip bus all the way to Florida and chaperoned our trip. Her tie dyed romper was stolen out of the hotel room. She should have known to lock that baby up in the safe..I mean, tie dyed and a romper? You can't take those kind of chances.
28. Her first year of teaching was my senior year. I was her teacher assistant for one of my class credits. She went with me to the principal when my dad made me go apologize for skipping school on senior skip day. Gah Dad.
29. She moved me from my dorms to my apartment when I was in college. Still not sure how she got forced into that, but she did it--with a smile.
30. She wrote to me almost EVERY week of my freshman year at Baylor. I still have every letter that I received that made the homesickness bearable.
31. She had the meanest dog ever born. He bit a chunk out of my nose AND chewed up my never been worn Sam & Libby's.
32. Has what my stepdad has named a "travel stomach". We can just start talking about taking a trip and she gets an upset stomach.
33. Helped me build a beautiful bear out of snow one year...only to wake up the next morning to find that some idiots had made him into a boy with all the male 'parts'.
34. Attempted to prepare the dressing for Thanksgiving a few years back. No one told her to actually cook the cornbread before putting it in the mixture.
35. Got her Cavalier painted blue while in college. She picked a navy color and we showed up to pick it up, it was bright turquoise!! Redo!
36. Has met EVERY traffic cop in our area. Some on several occasions.
37. Opened the door to her car with a little too much excitement just a few days before her wedding. She wore stitches in her eye along with her wedding gown.
38. Decided to glue false nails on one year while visiting my Meme in Mississippi. She had a panic attack in the middle of the night and spent the wee hours of the morning prying them off her hands.
39. Has got a thing for overalls that I will never understand. She would STILL be wearing her Guess overalls from high school if they hadn't completely fallen apart.
40. Had her 40th Surprise Birthday party cancelled because of a bad stomach bug that attacked her Katie. Boo!!
Happy Birthday, SisTOR!!!
Looking forward to making many more memories!!

December 6, 2009

Please don't grow up!

Z : Mommy, did you know that T smokes? (T was a boy on his football team)
MK: No, I didn't...did he tell you that?
Z: No, but did you hear his bad cough???

Trent has 2 different ladies who have babysat him named Beverly. Ms Beverly is a precious black lady that works at our church who loves him to pieces. There is another Mrs. Beverly at our gym who he adores that is a white woman. One day when leaving the gym, Trent said "That Ms Bevie is a different kind of Bevie."

Overheard while Trent was walking around naked, Zachary: "Trent, come wrestle. But, put some clothes on because I am NOT wrestling a naked person."

Trent while marching on his tippy toes: "Watch mama, I'm walking on my hippy toes."

I asked Trent to bring me a coke from our refrigerator in the garage one day. He came back with it opened which surprised me. He explained, "I opened it with a flat head screw driver."

While walking thru the woods at our cabin, Trent: "Daddy, if I see a deer, do you want me to drop it?"

Trent and I love to go on a breakfast date on Friday mornings. We recently went to Whataburger to find out that it is quite a hot spot. While standing in a very full restaurant, Trent announces to whoever is interested in hearing: "My dad's not black. Just his hair is."

I say to Trent: "You're my boy." He either answers "You have to share me with Daddy" or "And you're my girl"

The boys and I were passing by my parent's house one day and noticed that Jackpaw was using his front end loader out front. They were dying to watch so we pulled over to spectate. It did not take me long to realize that Jackpaw wasn't in a real good mood and his project wasn't going real smoothly. We watched him for a minute (with windows rolled up so we couldn't HEAR what all was being said) and Zachary said, "I think Jackpaw just lost his mind."

I said to Trent, "I love you to the moon and back, to the stars and back, to the sun and back" while laying in my bed one night. He answered, "I love you to the den and back."

I collect Nutcrackers and have several of them sitting on a block full of toys that I moved into the boys bathroom. Upon noticing this, Trent said, "Why did you put all those graham crackers on my toy box?? I can't get my toys out now."

I had the boys with me while shopping for food for a family that our Sunday School class helped out over Thanksgiving. I was trying to explain to them why we were buying the food and how blessed we were. Zachary was very inquisitive on the family's housing situation. I told him that they had a house, but it was in need of a lot of work and that Daddy and the other men were going to work on the house soon. We left the grocery store and delivered the food to one of the couple's in our class house. When driving up to their beautiful house Trent said "This house is a GOOD house."

What did we ever laugh about before we had these little people living with us?!

December 5, 2009

Go Bears!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving the Baylor Bears played at the new Cowboys Stadium against Texas Tech. We planned a few months back to take our kids to their first ever Baylor game. We have some friends in town that are die hard Tech fans so we decided to make it a day. We drove up early Saturday morning to go through the Gaylord's ICE! exhibit. It was COLD, but neat.
Everything in the entire display is made from in order to keep it frozen, they keep the rooms about 9 degrees...BRRRR....

Silly boys

Cold MamasTrent took the prize for looking the cutest in the provided parkasBrandon and I with the Grinch. Trent said the Grinch is really 'rude'Going down the ice slide. I took this picture hanging over the side of the slide and it kind of appears that he is going up the slide.CutenessAfter our first visit to Steak and Shake (we give it a big thumbs up!) we all loaded up to head to the game. This is about as close as you can get to the action!We were thrilled with the tickets that Brandon's friend gave us

The highlight of the night for Zachary was when Rowdy Red (my Tech friends said I could not refer to him as 'the big red cowboy") took his Baylor hat and turned it inside out. He thought that was SO cool! Cute Baylor fan
This camera man took a likin' to our kiddosAnd look who appeared on the big screen!
That screen is even more impressive when your child's face is on it!:)
FOX sports tried to get this little guy being cute, but he wouldn't have it.
Love this picture
Best Buddies
We ended up with a whole crew of friends in our suite. Even though the Bears couldn't pull out the win, we had a great time--a fun-filled Saturday.

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I am so behind on posting that I am going to do one post for all things thanksgiving...

Trent's school held their annual program the week before the holiday. He has NEVER participated in any play or singing performance so we didn't figure this year would be any different. He did tell us before the program that he was going to stand on his spot and dance and sing. I guess he made up his mind because he did great!

Three cute turkeys

My little dancing turkey


He even went up to the microphone and said what he was thankful for: friends.

Zachary's school had a corn feast. An entire meal made up of all things corn (or corn products)

All the kinders lined up feasting

Zachary also participated in his school's annual turkey trot. He raced against other kindergartner boys and did well. He loved it. There was also a parent/child race that he insisted we participate in. We do not have a win to report, but we did have fun. That is, if you count running across the gym floor several times in front of a huge crowd fun.

No pictures of me running because Brandon was videoing instead. I really should have never watched the honestly didn't do much to help my self image :)

The week prior to Thanksgiving was our week to supply snacks at Trent's school. I sent this turkey one of the days. I got the idea from another mom at Zachary's school. It turned out cute and the kids were impressed!:)

Several weeks before Thanksgiving all the kindergartners were given a feather to decorate for their class turkey. They were instructed to decorate it in a creative way and write what they were thankful for. This is Zachary's:

In case you cannot read it, he is thankful for 'deer, hogs, my cabin and God."

I made a new version of my thankful trees for each of the family gatherings we attended. Here is the finished product from KK's house. LOTS to be thankful for...