August 26, 2009

Too Cool for School

I picked Z and a friend up from school today. This is the conversation as we drove out of the carpool line:

Z: Mommy, I want a different backpack.
Me: WHY??
Z: Because when I carry this one in my school, I feel dorky.
Me (after regaining composure): Well, what kind of backpack would you like?
Z's friend: Just a different one.
Z: Maybe like a hunting one.

OMG! I can't have my kid feeling dorky on just the first week of Kindergarten!! What in the world?!

August 24, 2009

Welcome Home

Our neighbor, Kent, was given a warm welcome back to Mt. Pleasant on Saturday afternoon. We have not seen him since our visit in late June, so the boys were very excited at his return home. One of our neighbors suggested that we all decorate our yards and mailboxes. I wish I had pictures of the whole road because it was really neat. Here is the sign that was in our yard:
Here is a super cool sign that was in his yard.

Neat cakeThis is the boys' reaction at seeing him drive into the driveway. Zachary was clapping with excitement.
He seemed overwhelmed, but also thrilled to see a big crowd in his driveway.
He kept the biggest smile on his face...
The boys were tongue tied after all the anticipation, but they have gone back to visit him without the crowd (and I'm sure talked his ears off!).
We are happy to have him back in town and looking forward to his next step of recovery. His spirit remains strong and he is an inspiration to Brandon and I, our kids, and so many others.
Welcome Home, Kent!

Back to School: Part 2

We survived Zachary's first day of Kindergarten. Zachary was so excited about going. He and his daddy went and had breakfast together this morning before sunlight. After a few pictures in the yard, we all headed off to drop him off. The drop off will not go down as one of my favorite Mommy Moments. SOOOOO glad Brandon was with me because I don't know that I would have been able to pull myself away. He didn't cry and I didn't either....until we got in the car. My heart hurt!!!

Zachary and Mrs. Sammye

I had a pretty busy day, but must have looked at the clock 1000 times before it was time to get in carpool line. When I saw that little pumpkin come running out to my car, I wanted to go swoop him up. He climbed in the car with the biggest smile on his face.
He said he really liked school and recess was his favorite. I had a Capri Sun in the car for him to drink and he sucked it dry before we got out of the parking lot. He said they had played outside for a long time and that it was "terribly hot!"
I am praying for continued days of happy beginnings and endings....

August 20, 2009

Headed for Kindergarten

Why does this little guy...
my best buddy...
and constant companion for the past 5+ years...think that he's big enough...
to start Kindergarten??
It's NO laughing matter for this momma!!

We went to open house tonight and met Zachary's sweet teacher. She seems perfect! He is thrilled to death and told me tonight that he LOVED Meet the Teacher. Monday is the big day. He is SO ready. Guess I better get that way, too.

Back to School: Part 1

This little person started school this week. He was thrilled about a new backpack and lunch box, but not so much about going to school while Zachary stayed home (Z starts next week.) He had a great 2 days. We played hooky on day 3. Just not fair to send him while we stayed home and played!:) Next week will be the official back to school--no more skipping--get in a routine week.
He is so very excited that his lunch box attaches to his only takes him 10 minutes to get them snapped together.

These boys had the best summer together. I am sad to see it come to a close.

August 17, 2009

Seniors 2010

Brandon and I, along with his parents, hosted a senior party on Sunday for Raegan's class--the class of 2010. I think they had a fun time and seemed like a great group of kids.

KK made these neat keychains for each person

CHHS 2010

They hung out...

They tubed...

and boated...

I heard the boys were really showing off on the wakeboard, but I missed all that.and jumped off the deck....

They played on the slip n slide...

Some couldn't stop

They rode the waverunner

They ate delicious food prepared by Jana and JamesIt was a fun afternoon that only ended because we ran out of sunlight.

CANNOT believe that this will be Rae's last year in high school. I am going with her to tour Baylor campus on Wednesday. Hope she falls in love with it!:)

Houston visit

The boys and I headed to Houston last week to visit some of my college friends. Blakely and I met our freshmen year at Baylor and have been buds every since. I love me some Blake. She can make me laugh like very few can! We both have 2 boys each around the same ages and when we only had one each we always tried to get together twice a year for a few days. We had such fun trips...until they both were 2 1/2, I had a newborn, and she was very pregnant. It was a total disaster and we decided during that visit that we would get together again when they turned 16. We got brave sooner than we thought and gave it another try...AND it was a blast!

Here we are at Lupe Tortilla's enjoying dinner
Whoever came up with the idea of a huge sandbox at a restaurant was pure genius
Bought us a lot of eating and chatting time
Blakely, Colton, and pet frogs and turtles
Boys played Mario Kart on Wii for a long time
It wasn't long until a full out wrestling match started
Zachary being dogpiled by Colton and Caden
The Milam boys taking on Colton
These boys played PERFECTLY together. Made great buddies!
I would love to have heard this conversation
Everybody is entitled to a grouchy moment
Three other of our sorority sisters with their kids came over to swim one afternoon. There were 10 kids between us. MY, MY how times have changed!
They swam, jumped, ran, screamed, rode, laughed, was wild!Sarah and baby Kameron
And her other 2: Erin and Brooke
This is Sarah's twin, Rachel and her boys, Tyler and Drew
Rachel is married to one of Brandon's college roommates and fraternity brothers.
Sara and her Drew. She sang in my wedding.:) Sara, Blakely and I laughed and had a great time just discussing LIFE!
After a full day of fun at Blakely's, we headed to Katy to stay the night with Brandon's Aunt Jane. The boys loved being in her house for the first time. They were in her pool by 8:15 the next morning.
Shark attack
Aunt Jane and Trent

We had a really great trip and will definitely do it again. It was so fun to see all my girlfriends that I hadn't seen in WAY too long. Thanks to Blakely and Jane for being great hostesses.

Blake, hope your neck is should really learn your limits when trying to prove your coolness to our children. :)