October 31, 2007

Look alike

EVERYONE in MP has told me that Z looks like this little boy, Luke. Funny that he ended up in the same class with him. I finally saw him the other day for the first time and there definitely is a big resemblance. He is younger than Z so he looks a lot like Z did when he first turned 3. I took some pics of him for you to check it out. Can you see the similarities?

By the way, all you Arkansan readers, (all 3 of you!) his daddy was a Razorback football player! :)
P.S. Z just walked in the room as I was posting this and I asked him who was in these pics...he said, "ME!"

School Halloween Party

Today was Z's Halloween Party at TLC. I made cupcakes, and they turned out pretty dang cute...if I must say so myself. I also made little pumpkin pails for each kid--I heard one kid ask if he could throw his away, so they may not have been the hit that the cupcakes were.

The party was short and sweet, but I think the kids enjoyed it. They were all on a sugar high, for sure!

Birthday Dinner

Here are some photos from Z's birthday get together on his actual birthday. It is important to him that this not be called his "party" because he is expecting much bigger and better things for the real deal! Grandmommy made a cake which blew my husband away. He apparently did not know what a cake baker my mama is! Z got a brand new John Deere Gator from The Milams which rendered him speechless. He also got a tent from Uncle Rocky that was a big hit. Between the box for the Gator and the tent, all the kids could have entertained themselves outside for hours! Z also got 2 sets of boxing gloves. We have had boxing matches at our house EVERY night since. It was a fun night with perfect weather!

Thanks to PawPaw James for great burgers!

Work Day

Yesterday I volunteered for a short time at the pumpkin patch where Z goes to school. The boys went with me and really enjoyed it. T loved sorting all the small pumpkins and, of course, Z was "in charge" of the big ones.

We didn't have many (ANY) customers since our shift was in the middle of the day, so Z had me call some grandmothers to come shop. (Car salesman in training??) Grana and KK came to buy a few, so we did, at least, have two visitors while we were there.

It didn't matter to the boys and I about our poor sales, we loved being outside enjoying the wonderful Fall weather AND we gathered about 200 acorns that we are still holding onto!


Z and Emma had a great time carving pumpkins the other night. I thought they did a great job! Afterwards, we cooked the pumpkin seeds and ate 'em up! Have I mentioned we love having cousins close by to share all these fun things with??

October 30, 2007

When the cat's away...

Apparently this little brother has just been waiting for Z to go to school so he could get his hands on the new prize. He even brought the extension cord inside. I can't even imagine the drama that would unfold if big brother was aware of this!!!

Fantastic FOUR!

proud blower moment before church
learning how to hold up FOUR fingers
enjoying his birthday serenade
the little guy was just happy to have his own bowl of green sauce

Z turned FOUR on Sunday. It was a fun day starting with getting to open one present before church. He got a real blower. Those of you who know my child know that I am not kidding when I say "real". I am not talking about a toy, people! This is a real, functional blower. The child could not have been prouder. He told his daddy thanks about a million times on the way to church. (Forget all the toys I shopped for!)

Z took donuts to share with his class for his big day. After church we went to El Chico for birthday lunch. They surprised him and sang their version of "Happy Brithday". He is still talking about how it was different than the song he knows! He spent the afternoon "blowing" everything in sight.

We went to The Milams for a birthday hamburger cookout. Several cousins joined and it was great night! I will have pictures from the evening fun later.

We are almost partied out and we still have the big shindig coming up next weekend!

Haunted Festivities

Z dressed up as an "Army Man" on Saturday night..only because he wanted to carry this gun!
Mommy's little bear
Z trying to "mummify" his friend
This is Monica telling the kids about all the scary things she had in her bowls. Z touched the "eyeballs" (grapes), but he just couldn't make himself touch the "brains"! That is cousin Trace next to Z. (please notice vampire teeth) Z drew much of his bravery that night from having his older cousin by his side. Also, notice the bottom half of Strawberry Shortcake in the rear. That is cousin Katie. As you can see, she wanted no part of any of it!

Saturday night Brandon and I took the boys to our neighbor's Halloween Scarefest. They really get in to Halloween and you wouldn't believe all the decorations, games, and festivities she had. Brandon had to take T home early for bed, but Z had an absolute blast. Most of the kids were older than him so he loved hanging with the big boys. They have a rope swing in their backyard and I think that was the highlight of Z's night

October 28, 2007


My best buddies in LR hosted a "Goodbye Arkansas, Goodbye Twenties" party on Friday night. It was perfect...good food and good friends. Can't ask for more than that!!

Thanks to Jamie, Ashley and Becca for a wonderful evening--you three really are the "hostess(es) with the mostest!
Check out Jamie's blog for even more pics. She is way more tech savy and knows how to put more pictures on without taking up 2 pages!

October 24, 2007


I can't believe I am THIRTY today. I don't feel a day older, but it does sound so weird to say that I am 30! Let's take a look back at some of the excitement that has happened over the last three decades.

Born October 25, 1977 in Columbus, MS to Jack and Roxie. Third child and a VERY big surprise! Older sister and older brother built a tree house the day I came home from the hospital---with bricks!! Can't imagine how sister got one dropped on her head!!

1: Had surgery on my chest for infected chicken pox. My mom is still traumatized that they threw my pacifier at her while hauling me off to OR.

2: Cracked my head open at a gas station on our way to Six Flags. Didn't stop my family from visiting the amusement park...a small detour to the ER and we were on our way

3: My parents divorced and my mom, sister, brother and I moved to TX

4: Started Jack-n-Jill. I met my future husband there!

5: Started Kindergarten at EC Brice. Mrs. Tudman was my teacher and I still think she is the greatest teacher ever

6: Dad married Kaye--it has been said that I thought I was a bride that day and attempted to steal the show...I am pretty sure I was successful!

7: Got the best dog ever! Brownie lived until I was a sophomore in college

8: Broke my leg snowskiing in Breckenridge (Breaking-ridge!!!!)

9: Tripp went to live with my dad. Missed my full-time-live-in playmate

10: The next two years must have been very boring--I have nothing exciting to report

11: Besides slumber parties, BFF dramas, Le Press-on nails and make-up, I have no significant memories of this year

12: Started Jr. High. Beautiful time in my life...wish I had some pictures to share. Just imagine big bangs, ribbon belts, and pinch rolled jeans.

13: Officially a teenager--poor Mom! I think it was around this time that my BFF's and I were labeled as the "Unicorns" because our noses were always in the air!! Love it! Thanks, Jaci, for the nickname, and then for years later revealing it to us!

14: Cheered for the PE Wallace Cubs. Got my braces ON---when everyone else was getting theirs OFF!

15: Freshman cheerleader for Mt. Pleasant Tigers. Went to Homecoming with a SENIOR! Mom, what were you thinking??!!

16: Started driving...got the worse car ever---still mad at Dad over that one! First year as a dancer for the Tiger Dolls. Brandon and I also started dating officially this year after a certain math class required much group "studying."

17: Mom married my stepdad, Mark. Bless his heart for moving in with a 17 year old teenager. He instantly became a Tiger Doll dad and I sure did have him out on that football field placing our props!

18: Sr. Lt. for Tiger Dolls. Graduated from MPHS. Took off to Baylor

19: Liking dorm life, Pledged a sorority, Loving living life on my own

20: Talked my parents into letting me live in an apt. Had 3 roommates. Never a dull moment-we had a blast!

21: Kaye and her sister took us to downtown Dallas to celebrate this milestone. Brandon broke up with me this year---BROKE MY HEART! My 1st nephew was born this year. I loved that baby boy so much and loved spoiling him. After his birth is when I decided that mommy days were definitely in my future

22: Got back together, got engaged and married to Brandon--plus I graduated from Baylor that year less than 24 hours after having surgery for a kidney stone

23: Trying to figure out what it means to be a good wife. Learning that living on a tight budget is no fun! Working for Gap

24:Our hardwork and long hours pay off, we bought our first house!!!

25:Began work at Brooks Brothers and got pregnant with my Z

26: Celebrated this birthday 5 days overdue with Z. He was born 3 days later. MOVED to LR

27: Joined Immanuel Baptist Church and started Moms n More. Met the best friends, mentors and accoutability partners I could ever ask for. My faith and relationship with Christ grew by leaps and bounds

28: Added T to our family of three--couldn't beleive we could be so blessed with two precious boys

29: Moved home to MP-something I thought I would NEVER do...never say never!!!!

30: Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store!

Pumpkin Patch

We had a fun day at the Pumpkin Patch in Pittsburg on Saturday. The best part of the day was that Daddy was off and got to go with us! Karen and Emma joined us, too. There was pumpkin decorating, face painting, games, a hayride, a hay maze and lots of photo ops. (Too bad my kids weren't in to that last one!) The weather was wonderful and we topped off a good outing with lunch at Pizza Inn. Dad and kiddos painting their chosen pumpkins
Z getting his face painted. He was concentrating on being "still"
Em, T and Z--one of the only posed pics we managed
Entrance to the hay maze. The kids loved this!
My Precious Pumpkin
Cutest (and sweetest) cousin in the world

Mommy and Z enjoying the FORTY!! minute hayride

October 19, 2007

Law of the Land

There are MANY things that I am having to get reacquainted with since moving home. One of them is that people take many things "into their own hands"--including the law!

On Wednesday I went to pick up my dogs at my in-laws. We bought a large kennel for our backyard, but had planned on letting them just hang out in the backyard most of the time. (We live outside of city limits so there is no leash law. And, trust me, there are several dogs "hanging out" around our little subdivision.) I watched them very closely for the first little while when we got home because I wasn't sure how they would act at a new house. They seemed to be adjusting very well and staying in our yard so I thought it was okay to take my eyes off them for a few minutes. This is when the story takes a nasty turn! I will spare you all the details of my wild tale, but I will say that I walked out on my patio just a few moments later and saw my neighbor standing three feet from my old dog, Bo, with a GUN pointed at his head! OH MY! I did what any sane minded person would do and started screaming and flapping my arms hysterically. He did spare Bo's life, we were able to work out our little problem and I was assured that my dogs would not be in immediate danger for the remainder of their stay here.
Below is a picture of the offensive beast who almost met his demise at the hands of my naughty 14 year old (yes, it's true) neighbor. Looks pretty dangerous, huh?

Ride 'em, Cowboy!

After a late night of rodeoing, Z woke up with one thing on his mind~BULLRIDING! He quickly thought of a way to get in some good practice for when he is "big like daddy and can ride a bull." I think my new theme song will be, "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys!"

October 18, 2007


My Z is really into the whole cowboy thing right now. He is counting down the days until his birthday party where a real horse will be making an appearance.
My mom and I took him to the college rodeo tonight and he ate it up! He decked out from head to toe (literally) in his cowboy gear and loved every minute of it. When we were leaving the people sitting in front of us said, "Goodbye Cowboy!" He told me in the parking lot, "Those people thought I was a real cowboy." Talk about making one little boy's day!


T had is first day at Kidfirst at First Baptist Church today. (enough "firsts" for you??) They had BIG shoes to fill, but I think they managed to do it! He marched right in and never looked back. His teacher, who I already adore, said he did great. His report card from the day said he ate "most" of his lunch, his mood was "happy' and that he slept from 12 to 2. Can't ask for more than that!

October 17, 2007

Itty Bitty Bug

Well, the inevitable hit us last night. Z started complaining about his tummy hurting soon after dinner. Soon after, he threw up. I got all prepared with crackers, gatorade, popsicles etc. I went to bed knowing it would be a long night. To my surprise, he slept thru the night and woke up in quite a jolly mood this morning. But, of course, no school!

I have come up with three scenarios on why my child threw up only one time with this otherwise vicious and very contagious bug. A) Z got only a very small touch of "the bug" B) I prayed it away. After the complaining about the stomach began, I started constant prayer asking to be spared from this awful ailment or the option that seems most likely C) Z got an upset stomach from eating so much junk and then played along with the virus theory so that he could miss more days of school. He did tell me that he thought he would be sick for a few days and would have to miss the whole week. AND, he told me that he would rather have the "stomach birus" than have to go to school. I am no doctor, but I think the diagnosis is pretty clear.

All I have to say is, TLC you better be ready for this youngster tomorrow--he's coming even if he has to carry his "barf bowl" with him!

October 16, 2007

Family Time

Emma with the boys on one of her many after school visits

Z and Katie taking a break on the trampoline to pose for a pic
T joining in the fun
Raegan at her volleyball game...we loved getting to hop in the car and go watch her play

We have gotten a huge dose of family in the days that we have been here, and we have loved every minute of it. My kids are just waiting by the door to see which grandmother, aunt, uncle or cousin will stop by next. It is so fun to have so many cousins close to my kids age--they do make the best playmates.

Big Boy

T has now decided that he is just as big as Z and should get to do everything that his big brother does. He wants to be on the four wheeler every time it is moving, jump on the trampoline with brother, wrestle with the big boys, and join Z in any other activities he engages in. I love to watch him once he gets his way in joining the big kids. He is so proud of himself and makes the greatest little "I'm a big boy" face.

Sunday he realized how much fun it was to ride the mower with his daddy. So not only did Brandon recently acquire over 2 acres to mow, he now is forced to do it with 2 passengers. It made for an interesting work day.

This morning I took the picture of T sitting next to his idol drinking their yogurt while watching morning cartoons. T doesn't care anything about the cartoons, but he thought he was so big getting to sit in the floor to have his quickie breakfast.

They are so much fun and getting to be such great playmates.

October 10, 2007

Texas Size Tummy Troubles

Z had a great day at school yesterday. He seemed to like it and looked forward to going today. There's just one problem. Apparently, when these little miniature Texans get the stomach virus, they aren't kidding around. In fact, so many kiddos and teachers have "the bug" that TLC has closed down...FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK! Can you believe that?! Anyway, I am sure glad we made it here just in time to be contaminated with it before the school closed.

The saying that "everything is bigger in Texas" doesn't just apply to women's hair.


Just wanted to share this precious announcement with all of you. I prayed for these babies before they were even created. Becca has been such a great partner in figuring out this whole mothering thing with me and now she is the mother of THREE! Oh my! She is handling it beautifully!
By the way, please notice the baby girl's middle name....coincidence? I think not!

October 9, 2007

A Little TLC

Today was Z's first day at Tennison Learning Center. The minute he woke up he began telling us how he didn't want to go, he didn't like his new school, he only wanted to stay home, etc, etc. It was quite a struggle to get him dressed and ready, but Daddy persevered and won that battle. We had a few minutes to spare before leaving, so he had a little time to play and relax. His entire attitude changed when he decided to take Daddy Bear with him to show him his new school. It was funny to listen to him repeat the same things that we had been telling him to his beloved bear. I heard him say, "You will love TLC and you will meet all new friends."

Soooo, we packed up Daddy Bear, grabbed his lunch box and headed for school. He was excited in the car and chatting away. When we got to school, his precious teacher was waiting with open arms. She could not have been sweeter and made my little one feel so welcome. He marched right in and took his place on the mat where they were having circle time. I was so proud of him.

Lots of prayers were answered this morning!