July 26, 2010

Lake day

My brother, Tripp, came into town this weekend and got to go for a day on the boat with us. He loves water sports, but doesn't get a lot of time on the water. He was dying to get some pictures of him barefooting. My dad taught him when he was 12 years old!! He hasn't done it in years, but was confident he could...

Up on a slalom and stepping off...
Did not end as planned!On his second time, he stepped off beautifully.Then he just got cocky!Back in the days before kids, and when we all lived in the same city, Brandon and Tripp spent LOTS of time on the lake wakeboarding. This was Tripp's first time back on the board in a few years. He was okay, but I was sure disappointed he didn't show off his back flip!He skiied too...this was his warm up for the barefooting.Brandon skiing. I am usually driving the boat so I don't have any pictures of him in actionRaegan slalomingTrent loves to kneeboard. He will just drag on his tummy for days.He sits up on his knees when he feels inclined to do so.Zachary considers himself a professionalHe loves to cut and then tell us all about it play by play when he gets in the boatLast year, he wanted so badly to do a 360. Here he is saying he will try it in 'onnnnnne more minute'Going for it
AlmostLong stretch for those short little armsSo close....Smile of SUCCESS!
He did 5 in a row after figuring out he could do it!
I couldn't be shown up by all those boys. :)
**Zachary skiied too on 2 skis, but I didn't have my camera with me to get a picture of that.

Granny-Great is 85!

My grandmother turned 85 on Friday. We celebrated with a family dinner. She is so special to us and makes me laugh EVERY time I talk to her. She looked so pretty for her bday dinner. The highlight of my night is when she ordered a Mike's Hard Lemonade!!!??? I just busted out laughing! Where in the world has she heard of them?? Unfortunately for her, they didn't serve them as this particular restaurant. Guess we'll take her to a bar for her 86th?!


We had a GREAT time in Destin again this year. The weather was perfect and the beaches were beautiful. Thanks to Grana and Pawpaw for a wonderful vacation!
Loving the fountains at Destin Commons
We had several hours of just us on the beach=PEACE!Brandon=all smilesDinner at Harry T'sFeeding the fishThese boys loved playing in the sandTaking a breakThe water was beautiful and clear...except for the 1st day when there were millions of jelly fish. Literally everywhere you looked!Two cute blondesTrent is recently obsessed with his spiked hair. He puts LOTS of gel in, continuously feels it to make sure it's still standing and asks if it's messed up every few minutesIt is pretty cute, I'll admitAttempt one at family pics on the beach:Trent was afflicted with a terrible eye condition and screamed and cried that his eye hurt?!We threatened, spanked, bargained and bribed with riding go carts....NOTHING worked.
Mama was a litttttttle frustrated.During dinner, Trent (after miraculous healing of his eye occured coincidentally at the same time the camera was put away) began to tell us how much he LOVES getting his picture on the beach. And how he really wanted to get his family's picture made on the sand, and he was going to smile so pretty and look at he camera and his eye would never hurt again...and in short....REALLY wanted to ride go carts. He went around the table and kissed Brandon and I and each of his grandparents and told us how much he loved us!
And because Mama REALLY wanted pics on the beach...we tried again:Guess who was in a bad mood this time?!UGH!!!!
And with that....I gave up!!!
We did, at least, get a good one with their grandparents
Zachary showing off his 'cool' poseTrent showing how sweet he can be.Trent took up boogie boarding this year...he wore Brandon out!Pawpaw loves to play in the water with the boysTrent did not like the feeling of wet swimsuit/ sand combination. He changed clothes 10 times a day. These Buzz Lightyear pj's are his favorites and made an appearance on the beach at one point.Zachary was a pro boarder this year, but I didn't get any cute pics of him doing it???He met a friend from Louisiana and they played for hours.For 2 days, they played so well together and Zachary was sad that he would never see him again. When I asked Z what the guys name was he said, "I didn't catch his name." :)EVERYONE wants to know about the oil and the clean up crews. We saw ONE tar ball the whole 5 days we were there. The crews came by a few times while we were on the beach. We loved their set up. The port a potties on the trailer made me laugh! And I loved how they gathered up under this tent like they were at a funeral.
Fun, fun vacay!! Looking forward to next year already!!!