October 3, 2010

Megan & Clayton's Wedding

We were honored for Zachary to be invited to be the ring bearer in Brandon's cousin, Clayton's wedding. The wedding took place in dowtown Ft. Worth on September 11th. It was a beautiful setting, great weather and the reception was a blast. We had a great weekend celebrating!

The rehearsal dinner was at Joe T Garcia's. Delish!

Our first time to see Raegan since she became a college girl!

Trent and DaddyMy boys with Clayton I thought Brandon was having a good time??!!Lauren and Kelli are 2 of Brandon's cousinsRylan and ZacharyZachary was THRILLED to get to wear a tuxedo. (We were nervous about that because it could have gone either way!!) He loved every little piece of it. He loved getting it all on and checking himself out in the mirrorTrent was pretty proud of his blazer too. He was slightly jealous that he didn't have a bow tie!This pic is dark, but I loved it because Zachary was so proud of his suspenders. Our preacher wears them every Sunday and he said he looked like Bro. Clint.Before the ceremonyGrana and Pawpaw Trent was asleep before the bride made it down the aisle. He slept through the entire ceremonyZachary and Lexie were perfect! They stood still and acted like angels. I was very proud of Z!Congratulations Megan and Clayton!!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!

September 23, 2010


Quick post to help get me caught up.....

We have loved going to the home football games and riding a float in the Homecoming Parade. They were so proud of their eye black!!

This is the first time that Trent has written his whole name without tracing it. I just love that E!!!

I bought Trent this blazer to wear to our cousin's wedding. When I purchased it, I thought that it would probably take a miracle to get him to wear it. He tried it on when I brought it home and seemed very interested in it. Here he is showing it off on the first day that he owned it. (He added the baseball cap for added effect) The next day my mom called and invited us to lunch. When I told him that we were going to meet her he disappeared for a few minutes. He came back sporting this:

Please notice 2 polos underneath. That's a spirit ribbon from Zachary's school on his front. I'm sad that I didn't get his feet because he was wearing camo boots. He wore this to downtown MP for lunch. He got LOTS of looks!!!!

My kids spend the majority of their time outside. I took my camera out one day while they were on the trampoline to get some pictures of them playing together. I love that Mac Dog walks up the ladder and onto the trampoline every time they get on.

Dirty, sweaty little boys...I love 'em!!Notice hospital bracelet still on arm...at least 3 days after incidentMac enjoys ANY attention. Even if it means little boys climbing on him, pulling his ears or tail, burying him in the sand, dental exams, etc....Zachary loves the peace signs right now. He is always flashing some sign to us. Trent wants so bad to know how and what he's doing. I love his little one finger sign and the fact that he's looking at big brother to try and figure out his "cool moves"

September 22, 2010

A Little Headbanging

On Wednesday of the first week that both of the boys were in school, we made Trent's first visit to the ER. Both boys were standing on the couch in a boxing/wrestling/jostling /karate match. Zachary gave Trent a swift kick to the stomach that sent him sailing. The back of his legs hit the arm of our couch and it flipped him completely upside down onto the hardwood floors directly on his head. I am not a panicker because my boys are very rough and we have LOTS of injuries around here; however, Trent's cry was a unique one and the look on Zachary's face (the only witness) told us that it was a bad fall. Brandon sat him in his lap as we were trying to get him calmed down and he went from a full on loud cry to basically sound asleep. I ran to grab the phone to call his pediatrician and by the time I got his number and got him on the phone, Trent had begun vomiting. Scary!!

We rushed him to the ER where Dr. Stagg had them prepared for our arrival. They order a CT scan immediately. Brandon and I were freaking out about that because Zachary had one once that almost ended with all 3 of us having mental breakdowns. Trent was so lethargic that he basically slept through the entire evening. He laid perfectly still and hardly made a peep during the test. Honestly, I would have rather he have been screaming because his little lifeless body was really, really frightening!
The tests came back perfectly clear. Thank you, Jesus! He stayed home with me the next day just so I could watch him. He wasn't as active as normal and complained of a headache, but Dr. Stagg had warned me of that with concussion patients. By day 2, he was back to his wild self....with the hospital bracelet still attached. He wore it until it rotted off!


First days 2010

This sweet little guy started FIRST grade a few weeks ago. He was nervous, excited, dreading, giddy, apprehensive...about going back especially since he started a new school this year. He was up and ready to go on the first day by 7. He picked out his clothes, shoes, and backpack on our back to school shopping trip.This much desired (and tacky!) necklace was his first day of school prize.Too cool for school!Our last few first day of school pics had another yellow lab posing in them. Our new guy acted like he knew it was part of his duties. He was happy to get a rub while posing. Zachary was all smiles and excitement until I attempted to actually leave him in his classroom. He literally clung to my leg and was pulled off my his teacher. I was totally shocked and so very sad. The great thing about having several friends who work at his school is the reassuring text messages that I got throughout the day letting me know his sadness was short lived and he was having a great time.
Trent (and I) cried when we got back in the car because he couldn't stand to see Zachary so sad. He asked about his older brother all day long and worried that he wasn't having fun. Trent wondered about him having lunch, if he cried in the afternoon, and was so excited when I said we could go pick him up.
Zachary got in the car and proclaimed that his day was "AWESOME!" Music to this mama's ears!!! He promised he would never cry again. He stuck to his promise and only got teary eyed for the next couple of days during drop off, but allowed me to drive through the drop area and he jumped out by the next Monday. He has done great at his new school and tells me all the time how much he loves it. His only complaint....McDonald's is too close to the school and he doesn't have time to eat his breakfast between the restaurant and drop off!
Trent was very excited to go back to Brain Gym this year as one of the "big boys". He didn't shed a tear and has a great first few weeks. His teacher says he has really shown off at being in the older class and showing the little ones how it's done.
It's really a good thing he's this cute. The dimples get him out of a lot of trouble...at home and at schoolHe picked out this camo backpack and lunch box. He attaches them as shown EVERY day before and after school. Loves it!Trent's school started a week before Zachary's so I got to spend a few days with big brother by ourselves. When we dropped T off at school on the first day, he was not even close to crying yet Zachary was worried to death that he may cry. When we got in the car, I thought Z was going to cry because we left him. He asked several times how much longer until Trent was out and at one point he said, "Trent gets a lot of days without me, but this is my first without him. I don't like it." I just love their brother bond. May they always stay so protective and attached to one another.
2010 school year is off to a great start!!!!

Boating fun

Zachary has gotten really good at water sports over the summer and LOVES being behind the boat to show off. I haven't posted pics of him skiing on 2 this year or his new hobby: wakeboarding. He looks so cute out there!!!

Skiing on 2 is just sooooo easy for him now!:) We were able to take the ropes off the skiis that hold them together by the end of the season. He thinks he is ready for the slalom. I think that will be our goal for next summer. Part of skiing and boarding is falling. He usually doesn't mind, but sometimes those falls HURT! Sad to see those carefree summer days end.

July 26, 2010

Lake day

My brother, Tripp, came into town this weekend and got to go for a day on the boat with us. He loves water sports, but doesn't get a lot of time on the water. He was dying to get some pictures of him barefooting. My dad taught him when he was 12 years old!! He hasn't done it in years, but was confident he could...

Up on a slalom and stepping off...
Did not end as planned!On his second time, he stepped off beautifully.Then he just got cocky!Back in the days before kids, and when we all lived in the same city, Brandon and Tripp spent LOTS of time on the lake wakeboarding. This was Tripp's first time back on the board in a few years. He was okay, but I was sure disappointed he didn't show off his back flip!He skiied too...this was his warm up for the barefooting.Brandon skiing. I am usually driving the boat so I don't have any pictures of him in actionRaegan slalomingTrent loves to kneeboard. He will just drag on his tummy for days.He sits up on his knees when he feels inclined to do so.Zachary considers himself a professionalHe loves to cut and then tell us all about it play by play when he gets in the boatLast year, he wanted so badly to do a 360. Here he is saying he will try it in 'onnnnnne more minute'Going for it
AlmostLong stretch for those short little armsSo close....Smile of SUCCESS!
He did 5 in a row after figuring out he could do it!
I couldn't be shown up by all those boys. :)
**Zachary skiied too on 2 skis, but I didn't have my camera with me to get a picture of that.