June 26, 2010

Summer Cuts

Review of hair before summer cuts:And now the summer look:

They were not being very cooperative when I was trying to take pictures of their new hair. But you get the idea....very short! They both love their 'dos. I agreed to let Brandon cut Trent's when he was 4. He will be 4 on Monday so I caved a little before. I think he looks adorable, but am looking forward to those blonde locks growing back!:)


Z: Some people wear shoes in their house. We don't. That's not how we roll."

Brandon to Trent after church. "You acted horrible in church. What was the deal?" T: "I was trying to sleep and those brothers were talking too loud." (As in Bro. Clint, our preacher, and Bro. Tim, our music leader.)

T: After getting his head shaved, "People won't know my name."

Zachary spent the night with Grana for 2 nights, T said, "I thought he was going to be Grana's kid."

A friend of ours asked Trent what he wanted for his birthday.
Trent: a bb gun
Tim: Well, that's really something your parents have to buy you. Anything else?
Trent: Ummmmm, a real chain saw.
Tim: I'm sorry I asked.

Zachary walked out of my bathroom with a feminine product in his hand, "Mom, why do you still have these?" Me: "Sometimes mommies just need those. Go put it up." Z: "Girls understand it, boys sure don't." AMEN!

Me: "Who do you want to invite to your birthday party?"
T: "Everybody we know who has little kids."

Overheard conversation:
Z: Have you ever seen anybody kiss?
Keller: Yea. My dad kisses my mom.
Z: No! Like somebody whose not married?
Keller: Yes on tv.
Z: I saw Freddie and Sam kiss on I-Carly.
Z and Keller at the same time: SIIIIIIIICK!

Somebody called to inquire about our rental property. Z said, "Do they want to rent it?" I told him that it was a possibility. He said, "If they do, that will be a dream come true for me." Didn't realize the rental property was part of his dreams?!

Zachary and I were discussing God vs. evil. He said, "I bet hell is so happy everytime I get in trouble." Then as we continued in the conversation about God being able to overcome evil, he slightly missed the point when he said, "He comes over evil to me a lot." I asked what he meant and he said, "You know, like everytime I get in trouble!"

Rivercats T-ball

Zachary had a great year in t-ball. (His last year!) His team was called the Rivercats. He really improved so much from last year. We love watching him and he loves playing!

I never do get over how cute he looks all decked out in his uniform! Big throw!

Giving his buddy, Zack Tyler, some direction

World's Best Daddy---World's Best T-ball Coach A little last minute prep talk
Lining up
Great hit!

Highlights from this season that I don't want to forget:
Zachary hit his first (in the park) homerun this season. When he rounded third to come home he had the biggest smile on his face. I have never seen him so proud of himself. He received the game ball as a result of his great hit. After the game we walked over to the other fields and told EVERYONE we came in contact with about his homer. We discussed it play by play on the car ride home. We called and text every person he could think of to tell. When we got home and he got in the bathtub he asked, "Why have y'all quit talking about my homerun?!" :)
The next morning on the way to school he said, "Mamma, let's talk about my homerun some more."
Zachary caught several fly balls, line drives and made an unassisted double play this season, too. After the double play (caught a line drive and tagged a runner who didn't tag up) he and the first baseman celebrated so much that they almost missed the next batter's hit!
Brandon said all season that Trent was going to get some playing time during the last game. He practices with Zachary all the time and was ready!!

He started off in the outfield. He got tired after the first batter and decided to hang up his hat....
And take a little break. But when it was time for his at bat, he was pumped up! He could hardly wait his turn!
He hit a hard hit all the way into the outfield!
And he was off.....
High five from Coach David at his arrival at first.
Run, run, run!
"I'm biggest as my brother."
My three favorite guys. I am so blessed.

June 22, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

It is so hard to believe that just 9 short months ago, Zachary started Kindergarten. I remember all too well the nerves, the uncertainty, the insecurity and the excitement. He had a great year and was blessed with a very special teacher. He has matured, gained confidence, and learned more than I ever thought possible in one short year. We will always look back on his first year of school with a smile.
He had a small speaking part in the graduation play. He was not excited about it at all!:)

Getting his diploma from principal Mrs. Walley

A hug from Mrs. Sammye

Looking so cute in cap and gownWe celebrated the end of the school year with a fun day. The kids had a blast.Zack Tyler, Zachary, Jabo and Mrs. Sammye


Shooting lessons

Zachary has been asking to shoot skeet for months so we finally took him out for his first lesson. His two instructors were FULL of information and pointers

He is one lucky little boy to have this daddy who adores him so much.My dad, Jackpaw, is a hands on kind of teacher
After trying for a few moving targets, it was determined that Zachary should start by hitting a stationery target. Here goes:
Ready....Aim....Fire!!Sweet smile of SUCCESS!

Brain Gym Program

Trent's end of the year program was adorable.
He was a straw 'peddler'. He took his part very seriously:
STRAW FOR SALE. STRAW FOR SALE. 50 CENTS A BALE Mark and Trent peddling straw
Cute piggy Reese
and little Alexandra singing her heart out
Kit was an adorable pig too.
Great year at Brain Gym!

Rae's Prom

Raegan ended her high school career earlier this month. We have had such a special few years being in town for her sophomore through senior years. We have loved being able to attend her sporting events and other activities, watching her mature these past few years and just getting to be around her more than the occasional visit. She is so special to Brandon and I. We have so many memories of her as a child and through the years and it's hard to believe she will be leaving for college in just a few weeks. I know that God has big things in store for her and we are excited about getting to watch the next chapter of her life evolve.

I took pictures of her and her buddies before prom and just wanted to post some of my favorites. She is as pretty on the outside as she in on the inside........A group of great kids:Raegan and Claire...heading off to Texas A&M. Hard to believe!