July 25, 2009

84 and ready for more!

This week my Granny celebrated her 84th birthday. She is in great health and has the most amazing social life. In fact, when we went to visit her on her big day, we had to make sure we arrived after her morning Bunco time. :)
She is just great and I hope to be as happy and alive as she is at that age. My boys think their 'Granny-Great' is pretty special, too.
We took her some Pittsburg Hot links and she was just thrilled. (By the way, that was the first time I had ever been in that establishment and I cannot believe people actually eat those things and live to tell about it!) Before we left she told my aunt and I that if she dies tomorrow, just know that her 84th birthday was the best ever!' Sounds like a good day to me...and I'm glad because she deserves it.
Granny got a new van recently. Here we are posing in front of it. Is it just me, or does she look like she just won it on The Price is Right?!

Everyone got a turn posing in front of the van...

My favorite boys and their favorite Granny-Great.

(and yes, she requested that I take their pic in front of the van!)

The top two pictures will always make me smile when I look back at them, because when I called her that day and asked what she was doing, she replied, "Just sitting here in my shorts." I cracked up because I was not aware that "sitting in your shorts" was an actual activity. I guess when I'm 84 I may count it as one.

Happy Birthday to a precious grandmother! Wishing her many more...


Erin said...

If only we may all be so blessed...

In His Army said...

She is just adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Sherrill Roach said...

How cute is your Granny?! Love it!! I totally agree about the Pittsburg Hot Links. I've never been in there but my husband brings them home sometimes and I wanna gag just watching him eat them. Ick!

The Garners said...

Love so many things about this post!
--your GRanny Great sounds like so much fun...she reminds me of my Grandmother Wood who lived to be 91 and was such a joy to know. We still quote funny things that she said
--love the VAN pics! If lane had his way i'd be driving a minivan and using it as the backdrop for all our photos. Sounds like Granny Great is a van-fan for sure!
--your dress is super cute
--and my favorite part: "just sitting here in my shorts"--hilarious and cute!

Mandy said...

LOL! She does look like she won the van on the Price is Right!! Hilarious! She told me the same thing about how great her 84th Bday was and that she could die happy! Wish I could have been there to help her celebrate her