February 22, 2010

Snow Days

We loved having a few days of snow in East Texas last week! It was Trent's first time to get to experience it, and I don't think Zachary can remember our snows in Little Rock. What a treat!

This little guy became an expert at making snowballs. You can see it still snowing in this picture. We thought (and hoped) it would never stop snowing
Emma came down and played with us
ALLLLLLL bundled up. Trent and my miniature snowman--sporting a Baylor cap
Snow angels

He was yelling, "Emma and Zachary won't share the snow!!!"
On Day 2 of the snow Brandon and I and our boys and Jon with his 2 girls headed to Dellwood park to sled and play. Brandon and I took Raegan to this very hill before she ever started school and now she's a Senior!! And she's still as much fun!!

They loved sledding
Emma and Trent
Brandon, Jon and Corey built this snow fort and then engaged in a snow ball war with all the neighborhood boys. I didn't take my camera to the park so this was taken with my phone. The big boys (men) had more fun than the kids, I think.
The guys also built this 8 foot tall snowman that the girls made into a snowgirl. Please notice the miniature carrot that Trent packed in his coat pocket from home.
Such a fun few days. We were sad to see it go away. But, now we are ready for SPRING!


Mandy said...

Can't believe you guys got so much snow!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Snow days are the BEST!!