June 26, 2010


Z: Some people wear shoes in their house. We don't. That's not how we roll."

Brandon to Trent after church. "You acted horrible in church. What was the deal?" T: "I was trying to sleep and those brothers were talking too loud." (As in Bro. Clint, our preacher, and Bro. Tim, our music leader.)

T: After getting his head shaved, "People won't know my name."

Zachary spent the night with Grana for 2 nights, T said, "I thought he was going to be Grana's kid."

A friend of ours asked Trent what he wanted for his birthday.
Trent: a bb gun
Tim: Well, that's really something your parents have to buy you. Anything else?
Trent: Ummmmm, a real chain saw.
Tim: I'm sorry I asked.

Zachary walked out of my bathroom with a feminine product in his hand, "Mom, why do you still have these?" Me: "Sometimes mommies just need those. Go put it up." Z: "Girls understand it, boys sure don't." AMEN!

Me: "Who do you want to invite to your birthday party?"
T: "Everybody we know who has little kids."

Overheard conversation:
Z: Have you ever seen anybody kiss?
Keller: Yea. My dad kisses my mom.
Z: No! Like somebody whose not married?
Keller: Yes on tv.
Z: I saw Freddie and Sam kiss on I-Carly.
Z and Keller at the same time: SIIIIIIIICK!

Somebody called to inquire about our rental property. Z said, "Do they want to rent it?" I told him that it was a possibility. He said, "If they do, that will be a dream come true for me." Didn't realize the rental property was part of his dreams?!

Zachary and I were discussing God vs. evil. He said, "I bet hell is so happy everytime I get in trouble." Then as we continued in the conversation about God being able to overcome evil, he slightly missed the point when he said, "He comes over evil to me a lot." I asked what he meant and he said, "You know, like everytime I get in trouble!"


Graham said...

LOL I have missed these so much! They are precious!!