April 29, 2008

Quality Time

Today Z played hookie from school so that he and I could have a little one on one time. It doesn't seem like I am ever alone with him so it was a treat for both of us. We had lunch with his cousin Emma at her elementary school, surprised Grandmommy with a drop in at her work, loaded up our bikes and took a long bike ride in the park, and visited the library for some new books. We hit the dollar store for a treat (a new gun, of course) and the convenient store for an ICEE. I loved being with my blonde baby and based on his comments, I think he had a good day, too.

Here are a few of the things that came out of his precious mouth today:

"We really needed this time by ourselves, didn't we, Mama?"

Z: "Is Nancy a kid?" (This is my friend that is my age, but not married.)
Me: "No, she just isn't married yet."
Z: "Why?"
Me: "Well she hasn't found a husband that she likes yet."
Z: "I hope she don't marry me!"
Me: "You don't have to marry anyone that you don't want to marry. You get to choose your wife."
Z: "Oh good. Praise the Lord!"

Walking into a convenient store, I explained to Z that he had to go the restroom with me because he couldn't stay out in the store without supervision. A little while later he asked, "Can I go on the next aisle without your division?"

Learning to work his new toy gun, "I think this is how you do it. IN FACT, I know it is."

"Ms. Sherri is trying to get me ready for Kindergarten, but I am not even going for one more year."

"Emma's class doesn't look very fun."

"I am so glad that today is MY DAY so we don't have to do anything I don't like."

What a wonderful day! Now we are off to our second soccer practice. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

I am a little distraught that Z doesn't want to marry me... It might take me a little while to get over that :)

He is too cute! Glad you guys had a good day today!

The Garners said...

FUNNY FUNNY STUFF--this all made me laugh.

Mandy said...

That boy never ceases to amaze me! He is hilarious! Glad you had a full day of one on one time. Hope soccer practice went well.

BabyGraham said...

He sounds so precious! Give him a hug for me!