April 24, 2008

Sweet (and SASSY) Sixteen

A very special person is turning 16 today!

Raegan is Brandon's cousin (her mother is Bran's 1st cousin), but because she is so much younger than us we call her our niece. They moved to the town we grew up in when we were in high school and Brandon and I, both, fell in love with that sweet, curly-headed angel.

At one point when I was in high school she lived next door to my family and we have lots of great stories involving our little neighbor. When we went off to Baylor she visited, even staying in the dorms with me one night. She was a part of our wedding and a frequent guest when we lived in Dallas and Little Rock.

Now we are neighbors again! Her family lives two doors down from us. We have loved having them so close by and getting to be apart of her and Emma's lives.

Raegan is beautiful on the inside and out. Brandon and I have loved watching her grow into a sweet, young lady--even if she has figured out that we aren't as cool as she once thought. My boys adore her, and as an added bonus, she makes a great babysitter! We look forward to sharing her next few years of high school and seeing what great things our Lord has in store for her after that.

Raegan was my Lil' Drill girl when I was a Tiger Doll

Here she is on stage dancing a routine that I taught her class

Precious flower girl in Sister's wedding.

After a long day of swimming

Rehearsal dinner before my wedding

Minutes before I officially became part of her family

Before the Aaron Carter concert.
I am still finding body glitter from this weekend and I have moved several times since. She owes me big for this!

One of her first meetings with Z

Z's 2nd birthday party

On a visit to Arkansas

Loving on Baby T

During one of our holiday flag football games

Rae and the NEW CAR!!!

Beautiful at sixteen

We love you, Raegan, Raegie, Rae Rae, Raegae....


Becca said...

What a great post! How fun to be able to watch someone grow into such a pretty and sweet young lady.
Happy Birthday, Raegan!Live it up, girl!

The Garners said...

This is a neat post! I loved looking at all the pictures...I'm getting really old, but I feel like I should still be 16!??! I'm scared we're going to blink and realize it's time to celebrate our kids' 16th b-days--it goes by so fast!

raegann:] said...

aww,, thank youu!!:]
and i love yall very much!
and i CANNOT WAIT until saturday!!!!!!

Mandy said...

I can't believe that Raegan is 16! I remember when she was a cute little girl with a head of curls...she has grown into a beautiful young woman. Happy 16th Birthday Raegan!