May 15, 2008

Family Portrait

Below is the first family portrait that Z drew of our family

I am the second one from the left. Does anyone else see that I am TWICE the size of everyone else in the drawing?! He told me that I had just woken up--that explains the hair problems. He told his daddy that he "accidentally made Mommy fat."

Yeah, right.


Mandy said...

Good job Z! Love the portrait! Funny that not everyone is the same size! :) Love how he explains his way out of everything!!!

The Garners said...

So funny!

Z's doing great on his letters! I've been worried that R isn't where he needs to be on his writing (he doesn't really like to try). Ali said that L has really improved just in the last few months. I guess I won't worry about it yet.

Kthed said...

LOL! That is about as precious as it gets... him writing his name. Can't wait to hit the beach! You've got me in the spirit!