May 5, 2008

Tour de Park

Friday we picked up Emma a little early from school and were so excited to head to the park for a bike ride. I bought a new seat for T to ride in on the back of my bike and we were pumped up to use it. Here are some pictures from our day.

Don't let the smiles mislead you...the outing was a total disaster. Emma posted about it on her blog and I think her eight year old perspective pretty much sums up my thoughts on the day. Click here to enjoy.


The Garners said...

Oh, T looks so sweet riding in his new seat! How cute is it that E has her own blog!? I clicked over and said hello to her. Sorry the boys were so high maintenance on your outing!

Mandy said...

That is funny! Would like to read Emma's perspective...(there wasn't a link to click on).

Mandy said...

Well, I just read Emma's blog and your version is waayy different from hers! Hilarious! Can only imagine just trying to get to the park to ride the bikes!