January 7, 2009

Grana Rocks

Today is the boys' Grana's birthday. We celebrated over the weekend and are taking her out to dinner tonight too. She is an awesome grandmother to my kiddos and if they turn out to be spoiled brats, she will get the bulk of the blame!

Happy Birthday, Jana!

Today is also our dog, Luke's 8th birthday. I am such a good dog mom that I totally forgot until Kaye reminded me. I patted him a little extra when I got home this afternoon. Bless his heart, after my boys arrived on the scene he went from being an inside the house, sleeping in the bed, mama's boy to a neglected outside DOG!

No pictures with this post because they won't download for some reason...I'll try to add some later.


In His Army said...

I'm laughing about remembering your dog's birthday! SO funny! I can barely remember peoples.....

KK said...

Happy Birthday Jana, Luke and Rocky!
Hope you've all had a great birthday,