January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Brandon and I were lucky enough to have grandparents willing to babysit on New Year's Eve so we were able to have a night out with friends. We all met up at our house and then headed to Carson House for dinner. Brandon and I haven't been there since high school and it was just as good as we had remembered!

Here is a group picture at our house before dinner.

Note to Brandon and myself...DO NOT take the post nearest the camera when using self timer. It is NOT a flattering site!

We think that Erin's invitation must have read DYNASTY attire required.:)

Nicole and Corey weren't included in the group picture beforehand because they may not have been told about meeting at our house. I am getting the blame for this, but she's pregnant and I think she just forgot about it all together. See, look at Corey, he knows she's crazy.

She couldn't get over it. She's still fussing...

As always, we had a very entertaining time and loved celebrating the New Year with these friends.

The boys had a great night of popping fireworks at Grana and PawPaw's house. They stayed up until after 11 and had a blast. On New Year's Day they woke up and talked our ears off telling us all about their night. They saved a few fireworks (or PawPaw tired out) to shoot with us that morning.

Happy New Year!


The Garners said...

Boy, B looks like he can barely contain his New Year's Eve excitement in the group photo! He must love photos as much as Lane. :)

Did you make the boys eat black eyed peas on NY day? Rhett's gag reflex kicked in when he ate his and he threw up in his plate...always a great way to start your year!