November 9, 2009

A Little Cabin in the Woods

Brandon and his dad have wanted to buy a cabin on some land or find a good lease for hunting since we moved back to Texas. Brandon has said many times that some of his best memories as a young boy were made on the lease they shared with his grandfather and cousins. Early this Fall they found and PawPaw bought the perfect place. It's only about a 40 minute drive from our house which I love! The boys- especially Zachary- have been so excited and counting the days until we get to go spend the weekend there. What I've loved even more, though, has been seeing the excitement from the bigger 'boys'. I am so blessed to have a husband and father in law that adore my kids and spend so much time doing fun stuff with them.

Here we are all loaded up to head out for the weekend:
The perfect cabin. I want to come up with a good name for it...suggestions welcome.
The boys love to build a fire and sit by it. I do too!
Cooking their own dinner
Dinner by the light of a lantern
Gathering more wood Saturday morning. Zachary cut down 3 trees by himself for more firewood. He was in heaven!
Trent has the eye closing down when spraying the bug spray. Apparently he's gotten OFF in his eyes one too many times.
We rode 4 wheelers a lot over the weekend. This picture was taken at 8:30 on Saturday morning and I was the only person with guess who got to get him unstuck!
We popped 4 bags of popcorn over the fire during the 2 days that we were there. My kids love it!
After an unsuccessful morning in the deer stand we decided to take a hike through the woods to see what we encountered.
Please note the duct tape on Brandon's boots...
Dear Santa, Need new boots.
Yes Trent is holding a machete. He was the official path clearer.
I love this picture
Surprisingly we saw nothing on our hike. Can't believe could only hear us coming from a mile away! Trent reminded us to 'whisker' a hundred times. Not only can he not pronounce it, he can't do it either!
Best buddies

I enjoyed lots of relaxation. We had a great nap fireside after our hike.
What a fun weekend enjoying God's creation and spending family time. Brandon's parents joined us on Saturday evening and James cooked a delish meal of chicken fried deer steak and fried potatoes. I made an early exit that night and the big boys (including Zachary) stayed one more night. Trent and I went home to the comforts of our house.

There were no animal casualties at the cabin over the weekend, but I do have one to report on the home front. Bo, our old as dirt Lab, took our rabbit count from 3 to 2 on Sunday. Busted his old head right through the cage door and took Thumper to his/her death. Trent and I were home alone and it won't go down as one of my favorite parenting moments. He briefed KK on it this morning, "Bo deaded our rabbit." He also told me, "I'm so mad at that dog. We should take him to the pound!!" I am not real crazy about watching the helpless animal die, but I do have to admit that I'm OVER the rabbits. When I texted my friend to let her know about Thumper's death, she replied "I can't think of anything good that has ever come from a rabbit."

I'll have to agree.


KK said...

Great pictures of a memorable weekend.
Poor Thumper:(

Mandy said...

Loving the pictures of Brandon and the boys! Looks like a great weekend @ the cabin!

In His Army said...

This is so sweet. I loved the picture of your three boys. Looks like a great time! Love that T was saying to "whisker"...that's hilarious! And since one of the first times I knew of Zachary was the video of him sawing down a tree, this made me laugh out loud that he cut three down and was in heaven! haha! Have a great Thanksgiving week! Love to all your family!