December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I am so behind on posting that I am going to do one post for all things thanksgiving...

Trent's school held their annual program the week before the holiday. He has NEVER participated in any play or singing performance so we didn't figure this year would be any different. He did tell us before the program that he was going to stand on his spot and dance and sing. I guess he made up his mind because he did great!

Three cute turkeys

My little dancing turkey


He even went up to the microphone and said what he was thankful for: friends.

Zachary's school had a corn feast. An entire meal made up of all things corn (or corn products)

All the kinders lined up feasting

Zachary also participated in his school's annual turkey trot. He raced against other kindergartner boys and did well. He loved it. There was also a parent/child race that he insisted we participate in. We do not have a win to report, but we did have fun. That is, if you count running across the gym floor several times in front of a huge crowd fun.

No pictures of me running because Brandon was videoing instead. I really should have never watched the honestly didn't do much to help my self image :)

The week prior to Thanksgiving was our week to supply snacks at Trent's school. I sent this turkey one of the days. I got the idea from another mom at Zachary's school. It turned out cute and the kids were impressed!:)

Several weeks before Thanksgiving all the kindergartners were given a feather to decorate for their class turkey. They were instructed to decorate it in a creative way and write what they were thankful for. This is Zachary's:

In case you cannot read it, he is thankful for 'deer, hogs, my cabin and God."

I made a new version of my thankful trees for each of the family gatherings we attended. Here is the finished product from KK's house. LOTS to be thankful for...


Mandy said...

The turkey turned out way cute! You are giving Martha Stewart a run for her money MK!!

KK said...

So proud of Trent and your turkey was too cute!
LOVE my Thankful tree. Thanks so much for creating another one this year.