March 17, 2008


While checking out at a store this morning, Z noticed some beef jerky by the cash register. The conversation that followed was entertaining and extremely informative.

Z: "Mama, I haven't had beef turkey in a long time. I really love beef turkey. It's my favorite."
Me: "Would you like to get some?"
Z: "Yes, mama. I REALLY love beef turkey."

All the way to the car he chatted non-stop about how much he loved it, how he got a big sack so he could share with T and thank you SO MUCH for the "beef turkey." Once in the car he opened up his sack and began eating his treat.

Z: "Mama, did you know that beef turkey is made out of deer?"
Me: "No, baby, deer jerkey is made from deer. Beef jerkey is made from cows...just like steak, hamburgers, and hotdogs."
Z: "and buffalo meat?"
Me: "Um, no...buffalo meat comes from a buffalo."
Z: "I really LOVE buffalo meat. Do you?"
Me: "I don't know that I have ever eaten buffalo meat."
Z: "Oh. Mama, this beef turkey tastes very beefy."
Me: "I am sure that is does. I can smell it from here and it smells bad."
Z: "Mama, it really stinks."
Me: "Yes, it does."
Z: "Know why?"
Me: "No, why?"
Z: "Because it used to be inside a cow!!!"

I can't really argue with that!


The Garners said...

Funny stuff! Did T like it?

Mandy said...

That made me laugh out loud! Leave it to a child to state the obvious!Tell Z Robin and I LOVE "beef turkey"!!