March 22, 2008

Visit with Cousins

My cousins, Jeni and Lexi, came to stay with us for the last 2 nights of their spring break. The boys loved having them here. When Z woke up on Friday morning (at 5:30!!!), the first thing out of his mouth was, "Remember, the cousins are here!"

Mama loved having them here, too, because it doesn't get much better than two live-in babysitters! We are hoping to have them back some more in the summer. (We are working on bribing them with some boat time!)

Lexi and Z jumping away. They spent HOURS on the trampoline during their visit.

I love this pic of Jeni and T

Jeni showing us her majorette routine. Brandon and I took some twirling lessons during their stay. Let me just say that Jeni and Lexi got all the genes for good twirlers because I am so terrible at it! We also had some dance lessons. The girls had to update me on all the new dance moves because we are chaperoning Jeni's 13th birthday, which is a dance, on Friday night. I couldn't dare go without getting a quick tutorial. I will certainly share pictures with you of this much anticipated event when the time comes.

We had a spa night once the boys went to bed one night. These are Jeni's finished toes.

The girls helped me stuff eggs for our Easter Egg hunt.

Jen and Lex, I hope you had fun visiting. We are looking forward to your next stay!


Mandy said...

That brings back memories of us visting all of you in Miss. and staying with you in MP! I bet the boys had a blast!