March 5, 2008

Special Visitors

Jamie and her kiddos came to visit us in Texas last week. It was such a fun visit. The kids all played great together and the mamas enjoyed their time catching up. Rhett said he wanted to come back for nine days so I think he enjoyed his time in the GREAT STATE!

Highlights of the reunion include Alexee's first popsicle, a boxing match, and a trip to the local hot spot, Herschel's.

You guys are welcome back anytime...we'll discuss on the nine days!


The Garners said...

Oh, I want to come back already! It was so fun! I love your pictures--will you email me some of those, especially of all 4 of those cute kids lined up by the fireplace! I love how T is eating at the "big kid table" :)
I love that song to go w/the pics too. Thanks again for a fun time...hopefully we can make another trip there before long.

Mandy said...

Looks like all had a great time! Great montage...loved the song to go with it.