November 12, 2008

About to Erupt

A few weeks ago Zachary received a birthday package in the mail from my friend, Jamie. Because she is a dear friend to me, she knows that my lack of patience is occasionally an issue for me. I am reading into this a bit, but I believe that she decided to help me with this ongoing struggle with her gift to my child. She sent a wonderful volcano kit where you get to build, paint and eventually make your creation erupt. Zachary had a grand time with each step! It did turn out pretty cool and we've gotten it out several times since it was completed to fill it with baking powder and vinegar for another eruption.

Mixing up the plaster

Patiently waiting for our volcano to hardenOut of the mold...time to paint

Painted productEruption!
I do still love my friend and am thankful that I have people in my life that are "just trying to help" me with my inadequacies. The lack of patience is something that she cannot relate to...just click on her name above and check out the pinata she and Rhett are making. Seriously?!

My other best bud from LR also sent a gift that is testing this mama. The saleslady told her that it wasn't suitable for a 5 year old and would be something more for the birthday boy's daddy. Becca knew she had found the perfect gift and quickly snatched it up! I have been hit with more tag balls than I care to admit since receiving it. I also have found the small balls all over my impeccably clean house. (Joke for all of those who know me well!)

[Sidenote, TAG BALL is a super cool toy if you have boys on your Christmas shopping list. My 5 year old loves it, but it would be appropriate for boys much older.]

It's a good thing that there was also a happy birthday surprise for me in both of these packages or I might have to reconsider these friendships!

Love you girls!


Mandy said...

How fun!

Padoodie's mom said...

I absolutely love the new layout! Are you still using the bag that changed your life? Haha

The Garners said...

So funny! Did I tell you I bought R a volcano kit--we haven't done it yet. One thing at a time--the turkey pinata is still a work-in-progress.

In His Army said...

HA!! Just remember that when R & Oliva's b-days roll around!