November 12, 2008

Country Boys

There is nothing more that my boys love than being outside all day. We jumped on an invitation to spend the day at the cabin of Brandon's aunt and uncle a couple of weekends ago. The boys had a great time and stayed until they both fell asleep. The only regret Zachary had was that we didn't get there until lunch. He said, "Next time, let's go right when we wake up!"

Here are some pictures of the things we enjoyed throughout the day:

Paddle boating and fishing
Hauling wood for a camp fire

Splitting wood
Enjoying lunch on the front porch
Helping Uncle Monty build a pump house

Four wheeling

Driving a BIG tractor
Playing with cousins
Making s'mores

There was also a hayride to conclude the night! What a fun day!

[Daddy is missing in all the pics because he was off having his own 'country boy' experience in a deer stand somewhere in South Texas]

Thanks, Monty and Judy, for a great day at the cabin!!!


Mandy said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Cute pics of Trent!

The Garners said...

I bet they did love that day! T looks so big carrying the firewood.

In His Army said...

I loved this post MK! Great pictures--looks so fun!