November 18, 2008

More Camp Talk

I thought of several things that were said during our weekend that I wanted to share.

Once we arrived at the cabin, Brandon asked Trent if he liked the cabin. His answer, "I LOVE the refrigerator."

I roasted Trent a hot dog over the fire. He took one look at it and said, "It's lookin' awful." He then lead me inside and pointed at the microwave. The hot dog cooked indoors pleased him.

Zachary and PawPaw found some cane growing while exploring the woods on 4 wheelers. They chopped one down to make a fishing pole with once they returned to Texas. Zachary has been so excited about it and hasn't quit talking about his "McCain pole."

What a fun weekend!

While I am writing the cute things said, I want to add this.

At Zachary's program tonight a mother of one of his buddies gave him a belated birthday gift. I didn't witness the exchange so when we got in the car I was questioning him.
Me: "Did you say 'thank you' to Mrs. D when she gave you that?"
Z: "Yes."
Me: "Zachary, are you SURE?"
Z: "Yes, Mama, I heard myself!"

May I never forget their sweet voices at this age.