April 12, 2009

Easter Prep

We spent Saturday afternoon preparing for a great Easter. The eggs were dyed and the annual bunny cake decorated. Easter is probably my favorite holiday and I love the preparations as much as I love the actual celebration.

Hard at work
Trent's contribution to the process

Happy to have this job alone Inspecting the final product. BTW, I have given up on Trent's face. It is NEVER clean and I am aware of that. Legend has it that I was guilty of having a permanently dirty face....I grew out of it, and I feel confident he will too.
Bunny cake. My round cake pans disappeared so I had to make do...he turned out pretty cute, nonetheless.


The Garners said...

Cute cake!!!

Mandy said...

Cute cake! BTW...I think I do remember you always having a dirty face! :)