April 5, 2009

Funny kids

Me: "What was your story about in sunday school?"
Trent: "Jesus was in the road."
Me: "And what happened?"
Trent: "He got hit by a car!"

Zachary had to go to the doctor last week for an ear infection. He got several medicines including a steroid. On the way home he asked to call his daddy. I overheard this: "Daddy, when I hit the ball tonight it will be a goner. Know why? Because I'm taking steroids like A-roy."

Trent: "Daddy and Zachary are playing t-ball outside. Daddy is the coach and Zachary is the hitter."
Me: "What are you?"
Trent: "I'm the watcher."

Zachary has loved t-ball and all his fan support. He started calling around to recruit spectators at 8 a.m. on the morning on his last game. I heard him telling KK how to cheer for him and NOT to cheer for the blue team. During the game, he spends the majority of his time with his eyes ON his fan. His daddy has gotten all over him about watching all of us especially while he bats. Zachary figured out a solution: "Mommy, I really don't think you should come to my next game. It's just SO hard for me not to look at you!"

Trent got his hair cut last week by a stylist named Micki.
Grandmommy: "I love your hair. Who cut it?"
Trent: "Micki"
Grandmommy: "Micki? Who is Micki?"
Trent: "Mickey Mouse!"
Grandmommy: "Mickey Mouse???"
Trent: "Not the one on t.b. She's a girl."

Zachary and I were walking in a busy parking lot when I grabbed his hand. He said, "Mom, when can I stop holding your hand?"
I answered, "When you're 30...maybe."
Z: "No, Mom. When I am six. Ok, mom? When I am six I am done holding your hand."

Seriously??? I had just registered him for kindergarten a few days before. Wasn't that enough heartbreak for awhile??

Trent went to school last week without a pacifier by accident. (No comments...yes, he's almost 3! Don't judge!) When nap time arrived and he and Ms. De realized he didn't bring it, Trent laid on his nap mat and took a nap without it. Ms. De was telling me how great he did when I picked him up. Trent said, "I'm a big boy now."

As soon as we got in the car, he spotted his beloved pacie in the car seat. He shoved it in his mouth and said, "I need this, Mama, I'm a baby!"

I began discussing with him how big he was and how proud we were of him for not using a pacifier at nap time. I asked him what happened when he discovered that it was missing at nap time. He said, "I tell De go look for it. Her make me mad!"

Brandon took the boys to shoot guns yesterday at my dad's shooting range. When they were loading everything up, Trent saw a tape measure. He said, "I need to bring this tape measure in case we shoot a deer." Brandon explained that they were not hunting animals and that there would be no dead deer. Trent pressed on, "I take this. If we shoot a deer, I'll tape measure it."

I love these boys....


Catherine Chaumont said...

Absolutely precious and hilarious! About that pacifier...do you want to insure he has braces?! ;)

The Ealy's said...

I love these! can"t wait for it to be my turn!

Mandy said...

I hope they never grow up! Those boys are hilarious!!!

KK said...

They are too funny..oh how their little minds work!
Pray all of you are feeling good this cold Monday morning.
Love, K

mommymimi said...

this made me laugh out loud! seriously! too funny!!!!

BabyGraham said...

I still think you have 2 of the cutest kids in the world!