April 17, 2009

Our Zoo

Marla Taviano, a Christian author from Ohio, is currently in the process of visiting 52 zoos in 52 weeks and writing a book about her family's experiences. KK has befriended her through blog world and we were excited to be a part of her experience. Marla, her husband Gabe and their three sweet daughters stayed with Kaye last night between their visits to the Dallas zoo yesterday and their trip to the Tyler zoo this morning.

They are a precious family and I am pretty sure they had never experienced a 'zoo' like they did with our crew. My dad and company were shooting skeet when they arrived, he gave Gabe a short helicopter ride, and then got on a roll at dinner telling stories. Kaye and I told Marla that we wanted her to sign a non-disclosure saying she wouldn't share anything she learned from my father in any of her books!:)

I bet they are still talking about their evening with the country folk!

On a sidenote...I let TRENT ride in the helicopter for a very short trip last night! Am I crazy, or what??? He was set on getting to go when Zachary got in and I jumped in the backseat with him. He loved every minute of it and didn't act scared at all.


Paula McKaughan said...

I was SO nervous that Wyatt would repeat a "Jack Paw comment" in front of Marla & her family...thank goodness that did NOT happen! Great pictures! So very happy to see Zachary got his 4wheeler back! :)

Marla Taviano said...

You're awesome, Mary Katherine! I'm soooo glad I got to meet you! Hugs from Houston!

KK said...

Cannot believe Nina's future husband didn't make it in the pictures:(
What a zoo! Please place the non-disclosures in a safe somewhere!
Love, K