May 21, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

First a quick update from my gal, Nancy. She sent a brief e-mail Tuesday morning and sounded great.

"I only have a second to write but just wanted to give you a quick update... The trip has been AMAZING so far... pray for the Christians here... they are under so much persecution from the Hindu people... it is awesome to see their faith and love for others.... they have such a desire to see their country redeemed for the Lord... The blog was updated today to tell a little about our experience so far... I am already in love with the people here and know that it is a place I will want to visit again. Oh... just got the word we are leaving!!! I love you all and will try to email again... Please pray for our ride... it is pouring rain and we have a very rough road ahead :-0!!!"

You can get more details on the blog that she mentioned by clicking here.

In other news, we are leaving TODAY for the beach! Just can't wait...

Zachary said on the way to school this morning, "I just cannot wait to have all the fun we are going to have. Throwing sand, playing in the ocean, swimming..."

Trent chimed in, "And flying!"

He is going to be so disappointed when he sees the Mommy Mobile packed up and then spends hours drving 1/2 way across America. Poor thing.

I couldn't damper his sweet spirit. I just went along with it.

Got lots to do to finish packing all of us. Brandon attempted packing himself last night for the first time ever and I can tell you that I won't request he do it again. :) At least when Trent packs non-essentials, it's cute. Not so much, when it's a grown man!

I hate to even jinx myself, but I should be back sometime next week with some adorable pictures. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Mandy said...

Poor Brandon! At least he tried! Or...he knew you would not appreciate him packing for himself, so he probably did it on purpose so he would never have to do it again! Have a safe, fun trip!

The Garners said...

Laughing my rear-end off about Brandon packing his own suitcase and it not being "cute" like T! Lane's issue is unpacking a suitcase...have you ever seen that "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode where the suitcase sits at the bottom of their stairs for like 3 weeks and no one will unpack it? Anyway, hope y'all got everything packed that you needed for your trip and I hope you have a WONDERFUL time!!! Can't wait to see pictures. Be careful!