May 27, 2009

Destin 2009

Our trip to Florida was perfect. Here is a breakdown of our stay in pictures. (Get comfy...there's a million!)

Sitting on the dock of the bay....
Dirty face didn't stay in Texas

That water is COLD!


Probably my favorite picture from the whole trip.

We love crab legs!
Each night my boys were worn out!

We love this real pirate and look for him every year
Feeding fish after dinner
One blessed momma

Taking an airplane ride
This was right before a small incident that involved our car turned around backwards and the employees coming to our aid. OOPs!
Bumper boats are always a hit
Zachary and Seth-part of the crew from his very first deep sea fishing trip
Quick nap on the way out to sea
Helping the captain
Displaying his catches. Please notice tiny fish too. We are proud of EVERYTHING we caught!
Z with the entire crew
Water is STILL cold!
But he couldn't stop "surfing"
Trent was content playing in the sand
A little water gun action
Absolute joy!
Little ocean side nap
Date night...we went to Ruth's Chris. Yummmmm
Z spent the majority of his time like this
Snacks are very important to Trent
Napping under our table at lunch
We love that Harry T's is back and better than ever! Watching ALL the boats in the harbor was so fun!
Ran into our pirate friend again

What a wonderful time with my guys! Thanks to Paw Paw and Grana for a fabulous time!


Paula McKaughan said...

GREAT pictures!!! I love the "nap shots"...:)

Marla Taviano said...

That's awesome, MK! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I love the pics. We go to Destin every summer and we are also happy about Harry T's. We use to go every year until it was gone, then last year we got to go and take kids for first time. Love it!! Glad ya'll had fun, we don't go until August and I can't wait!!! Angela

The Garners said...

You got some GREAT pictures!!! Looks like so much fun. Your boys are SOOOO CUTE!!!

KK said...

Precious pictures, precious memories. I am so thankful your trip went so well!
Did they fly their kites?
Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

Looks like so much fun! Great pictures! :) My family goes to Destin every summer too...I think we have missed twice in the last 25 years. We will be going in August this year if you guys want to jump in our suitcases.

Becca said...

Those may be the cutest "beach bums" I have ever seen. I love, love, love the pictures. Can't wait to hear all about it. Oh, and glad you ran into a few Razorbacks on the beach, too!!

Mandy said...

Love all of the pics! Looks like you had quite a fun time! Seems like Brandon spent a lot of time napping? (just kidding!)