April 5, 2010

Black Eyed Peas

Our sweet Raegan is graduating from high school in just a short few weeks. We asked her a while back what she wanted to do for her graduation gift and she chose the Black Eyed Peas concert. So on Friday of our spring break, I loaded up Raegan and her friend, Claire, and we headed to Dallas to stay with my BFF Nancy for a night of F-U-N!!

B - E - P
Upon arriving to Nancy's apartment the girls became acquainted with Mary Kay...the strange mannequin that lives on her bar.Jennifer, Nancy's roommate, was the make up artistRaegan and Claire--the finished products.
Don't let the cute looks fool you...
And yes, they attempted to find the FLASHIEST shirts possible...they were sure that Fergie would spot them in the crowd and ask them to come on stage.

With their SUPER COOL chaperones, Nancy and IBefore the concert we walked to Mi Cocina for delish Mexican food They actually made Nancy hold up a menu to have the perfect lighting in this pic...We looked like we were trying to take professional shots at our tableThen we were off to the concert..... This is our shout out to Kirk who got the tickets for us. See the enthusiasm?!We had a TOTAL BLAST at the concert!! We danced and sang and laughed all night. [Nancy and I were given cd's a few weeks prior to the concert so that we would know all the songs.] Ludacris opened for BEP and we even enjoyed his performance. [Our most uncool moment was when we asked if Ludacris was a man or a group....and btw, we never got an answer...they just laughed at us....RUDE.]

We all decided Fergie is the coolest thing ever!

Will.i.am and FergieThe concert was sponsored by Blackberry so they let people text Will.i.am messages. He later rapped the messages. Claire and Raegan wrote him a message about us that we never really found out the content of...Thankfully, it was not chosen as one he read!

Highlight of the evening was when the girls found a guy selling questionable tshirts outside of AA for half the price of the tshirts inside the concert. They were pumped, busted their money out and were quickly scammed! They got shirts, but I think they ended up paying double because he ran off with their change...Life lesson, girls, life lesson.

They loved the shirts nonetheless.

Aren't they F.I.N.E.?! They told me themselves that they were...????

Nancy's roommate has an entire set-up for karaoke and the girls took full advantage of it. They went out on Nancy's 2nd floor balcony and put on a full concert for passersby on the busy street.
The next day we headed to lunch (after prying them out of bed) and to a movie before giving them back to their parents.
Nancy and I had so much fun with Rae and Claire. Fun, sweet, crazy, hilarious, and full of energy....they reminded us so much of ourselves just a FEW years ago.

We promised them we would have one more weekend at Nancy's before they take off to college. Looking forward to it! Love you two little Betseys!


Anonymous said...

omg!! I can't wait until next time! That's the most fun I have had in a longgg time!! thanks for taking us, we loved it!! love ya betsey:)


Anonymous said...

B-E-P baby!!! I had so much fun with y'all! Please come back soon!