April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was a great day for us again this year. We woke up to filled baskets and new skates for Z and a new scooter for T. We enjoyed a beautiful FULL church service in our new building and then we hosted lots of family at our house for our annual lunch and egg hunt.

[It's official that we no longer believe in the Easter bunny...don't leave me mean comments if you think we are terrible parents.]

Before church: I've given up on family shots. Even these individual ones are questionable.

We had a blast with a house full of family.
Jeni, Trace and Zachary getting ready for the egg hunt.
(yes, Zachary is wearing eye black...you can't risk the glare of the sun getting in your way of egg hunting!!)

Thomas put an ENTIRE package of gum in his mouth. I was sure he would choke on it at any moment so I was trying to capture his last moment.All the hunters:
Cullen, Thomas, Lexi, Jeni, Trace, Katie, Zachary and Trent
Uncle Rex was at the the starting line....
And they are off!

There were HUNDREDS of eggs. The kids filled and refilled their baskets. So much fun and then they had more fun opening them all to see what was inside.
It was a fun day and when everyone left my entire family took a 4 hour nap! Perfect way to finish a wonderful day!
He is risen!


Erin said...

Cute boys...what fun holiday traditions you have!