April 7, 2010


As Trent would say, 'It's been a lot of days' since I last posted some of our favorite quotes. I've been keeping a list and I have some good laughs:

Walking into a hotel we were about to check into, Z said : Let's go see what this hotel is all about.

Trent yelled from the backdoor: Mommy, guess what I got you...it's yellow and shaped like a flower.

Zachary insists he will never get married or have children. I was explaining to him (and pleading) that he would change his mind. I said, "What in the world would Daddy and I do if we didn't have our boys???" His answer, "Well, you could get a job!"

After seeing a commercial on television, Z said: "Mom, that's exactly what you need: weight loss medicine."

Trent: "How many days after He died did he rose from the Devil?"

Zachary got his first half dollar for selling cans to the recycling center. He told Trent: "This is half dollar, half coin."

While placing our order at Sonic Zachary noticed a very large carhop skating to a car near us. He said, "I don't think that big chubby boy should be skating. That seems dangerous."

Trent said to the dog one day: "I don't want to listen to that crap." {sounds like me, I know!} After explaining to him that he couldn't say that, he said, "Remind me not to say that, ok?"

Trent yells from the backseat of the car one day: "Look at all this hair on my legs. I am growing BIG!"

The boys are in a big Lego phase. Zachary begs me to build with him and I really DO NOT like it. One day I told him, "I am just not good at Legos. I can't build like Daddy can." He said, "Mommy, I wasn't very good with them when we first got them either. I had to practice and watch Daddy a lot to get good. You can watch me and every day you will be a little better at them."

Trent heard the name 'stupid idiot'. [Not my fault this time...Thanks to the movie Home Alone] It was his favorite term for a few days and finally resulted in some soap in his mouth. About a week after he finally stopped saying it, he was playing in his room by himself and talking. [He NEVER stops talking!] Brandon and I both heard him say 'stupid idiot'. I said, "Trenton James!" He came into the den and said, "You did not hear me say that! I said it quiet!"

Zachary pulled a lemon out of his drink and said, "I am not a fan of lemons."

One day as I was humming, Trent said, "Mom, don't do that...just say the words."

Trent was headed out to play and said, "I'm going outside now." I acknowledged he said it, but he still just stood there and stared at me. After a moment he said, "You can tell me you love me now."

Zachary hit his first every HOMERUN in his first t-ball game of the season last week. We went crazy when he did it, we celebrated with snowcones after the game, we recalled every detail of it several times, we told everyone we saw and even called a few people. Once we got home and were getting baths and ready for bed, Zachary asked, "Why did you quit talking about my homerun?" The next morning on the way to school he said, "Let's talk about my homerun some more."

GOSH, I love these kids!!


Erin said...

:-) These are great...love them!

Sarah said...

Awesome...love the things your boys say...they get that from you!

In His Army said...

These are AWESOME!!!!! What fun kids! My gut hurts from laughing so hard! :)

BabyGraham said...

I love them too!!