July 2, 2010


Trent turned 4 years old on the 28th of June. I simply cannot believe he is 4! I was just getting use to the fact that he wasn't 2 anymore!!! We had a swimming party at Grana and PawPaw's house to celebrate his big day.

I decorated with and had candy themed party favors.
[Thanks, Jamie, for the tags!!]

Grana and PawPaw gave T a new bike that he was crazy about. It is a 'real race bike'...in his mind.As everyone started to arrive with his gifts, he just had to open the presents right then. He had the presents opened within 10 minutes of the party starting!Trent asked me, "Mamma, do I get to take all of these toys home???" This is our second go round with the toy chainsaw....Some of you are remembering Zachary's incident that was caught on video with our first one.:)He loved these huge blow up baseball bats. Mr. Corey was the first victim.After he opened his presents he was ready for everyone to sing to him. He was very confident as the birthday boy and I heard him say to his friend, "It's my birthday party and I can say what I want." [They were discussing who he would marry.]And these are the top 2 marriage prospects at this point. Kit (left) is who he claims is his girlfriend...most of the time. Kate (right) is who proclaims that she will marry him one day. Her sister even confirmed her decision by telling her, "Trent is the perfect man for you."He loved everyone singing to him and blowing out his candles.The cupcakes were delicious.......and messy!!Collin and Trent spent the majority of the party inside playing with all the new toys. I don't think Trent ever got back in the pool after he discovered all his gifts. These two had a blast hanging out. At one point I saw them both deep in conversation, holding their lollipops in one hand and tt-ing in the grass side by side. Some of the mammas relaxing under the umbrella
A few of the kids in the pool. We counted 32 kids in the pool at one time!!I think the big kids (teenage cousins) enjoyed the slide more than the little guys.

Trent woke up on the morning of his party and said,

"NO training wheels, NO floaties, NO pacies, and NO hair!!!"

That pretty much sums up four for us! What a great few years it has been. Trenton James has added so much to our family. We love that little guy to pieces!!


Erin said...

It looks like a blast! And Trent looks so grown-up with his haircut...you guys are so cute.

Mandy said...

I can't believe how much he looks like Zachary with his hair cut! Looks like he had a great bday party!

The Garners said...

Happy Birthday, T! I loved all the pictures, but especially the toy chainsaw one! :)

The tags look cute--perfect use for them! Super cute party!

Graham said...

Such a crafty Momma! So cute! Those cute boys are lucky to have you!