July 26, 2010

Lake day

My brother, Tripp, came into town this weekend and got to go for a day on the boat with us. He loves water sports, but doesn't get a lot of time on the water. He was dying to get some pictures of him barefooting. My dad taught him when he was 12 years old!! He hasn't done it in years, but was confident he could...

Up on a slalom and stepping off...
Did not end as planned!On his second time, he stepped off beautifully.Then he just got cocky!Back in the days before kids, and when we all lived in the same city, Brandon and Tripp spent LOTS of time on the lake wakeboarding. This was Tripp's first time back on the board in a few years. He was okay, but I was sure disappointed he didn't show off his back flip!He skiied too...this was his warm up for the barefooting.Brandon skiing. I am usually driving the boat so I don't have any pictures of him in actionRaegan slalomingTrent loves to kneeboard. He will just drag on his tummy for days.He sits up on his knees when he feels inclined to do so.Zachary considers himself a professionalHe loves to cut and then tell us all about it play by play when he gets in the boatLast year, he wanted so badly to do a 360. Here he is saying he will try it in 'onnnnnne more minute'Going for it
AlmostLong stretch for those short little armsSo close....Smile of SUCCESS!
He did 5 in a row after figuring out he could do it!
I couldn't be shown up by all those boys. :)
**Zachary skiied too on 2 skis, but I didn't have my camera with me to get a picture of that.


The Garners said...

Great pictures!

Mandy said...

I remember when Tripp learned to barefoot! Glad to see he still has it in his old age!

In His Army said...

I love the 360 pics! That's amazing that he can do that!

P.S. Loved your family beach photos too!

KK said...

Great pictures!
This was a BIG day for Tripp that he'll never forget! Thanks to all of you for taking him out to give bare footing another try. So thankful he has great pictures (and canvasses:) to remember this.
Love, K