July 26, 2010

Granny-Great is 85!

My grandmother turned 85 on Friday. We celebrated with a family dinner. She is so special to us and makes me laugh EVERY time I talk to her. She looked so pretty for her bday dinner. The highlight of my night is when she ordered a Mike's Hard Lemonade!!!??? I just busted out laughing! Where in the world has she heard of them?? Unfortunately for her, they didn't serve them as this particular restaurant. Guess we'll take her to a bar for her 86th?!


The Garners said...

I LOVE her! :) Sweet sweet picture of y'all!

Mandy said...

Mike's Hard Lemonade? Where on earth has she seen and/or had one EVER? That's our Granny! Wish we could have all been there to help celebrate her bday!