September 22, 2010

First days 2010

This sweet little guy started FIRST grade a few weeks ago. He was nervous, excited, dreading, giddy, apprehensive...about going back especially since he started a new school this year. He was up and ready to go on the first day by 7. He picked out his clothes, shoes, and backpack on our back to school shopping trip.This much desired (and tacky!) necklace was his first day of school prize.Too cool for school!Our last few first day of school pics had another yellow lab posing in them. Our new guy acted like he knew it was part of his duties. He was happy to get a rub while posing. Zachary was all smiles and excitement until I attempted to actually leave him in his classroom. He literally clung to my leg and was pulled off my his teacher. I was totally shocked and so very sad. The great thing about having several friends who work at his school is the reassuring text messages that I got throughout the day letting me know his sadness was short lived and he was having a great time.
Trent (and I) cried when we got back in the car because he couldn't stand to see Zachary so sad. He asked about his older brother all day long and worried that he wasn't having fun. Trent wondered about him having lunch, if he cried in the afternoon, and was so excited when I said we could go pick him up.
Zachary got in the car and proclaimed that his day was "AWESOME!" Music to this mama's ears!!! He promised he would never cry again. He stuck to his promise and only got teary eyed for the next couple of days during drop off, but allowed me to drive through the drop area and he jumped out by the next Monday. He has done great at his new school and tells me all the time how much he loves it. His only complaint....McDonald's is too close to the school and he doesn't have time to eat his breakfast between the restaurant and drop off!
Trent was very excited to go back to Brain Gym this year as one of the "big boys". He didn't shed a tear and has a great first few weeks. His teacher says he has really shown off at being in the older class and showing the little ones how it's done.
It's really a good thing he's this cute. The dimples get him out of a lot of home and at schoolHe picked out this camo backpack and lunch box. He attaches them as shown EVERY day before and after school. Loves it!Trent's school started a week before Zachary's so I got to spend a few days with big brother by ourselves. When we dropped T off at school on the first day, he was not even close to crying yet Zachary was worried to death that he may cry. When we got in the car, I thought Z was going to cry because we left him. He asked several times how much longer until Trent was out and at one point he said, "Trent gets a lot of days without me, but this is my first without him. I don't like it." I just love their brother bond. May they always stay so protective and attached to one another.
2010 school year is off to a great start!!!!


KK said...

They are too cute and growing up way toooooooooo fast:(