September 22, 2010

A Little Headbanging

On Wednesday of the first week that both of the boys were in school, we made Trent's first visit to the ER. Both boys were standing on the couch in a boxing/wrestling/jostling /karate match. Zachary gave Trent a swift kick to the stomach that sent him sailing. The back of his legs hit the arm of our couch and it flipped him completely upside down onto the hardwood floors directly on his head. I am not a panicker because my boys are very rough and we have LOTS of injuries around here; however, Trent's cry was a unique one and the look on Zachary's face (the only witness) told us that it was a bad fall. Brandon sat him in his lap as we were trying to get him calmed down and he went from a full on loud cry to basically sound asleep. I ran to grab the phone to call his pediatrician and by the time I got his number and got him on the phone, Trent had begun vomiting. Scary!!

We rushed him to the ER where Dr. Stagg had them prepared for our arrival. They order a CT scan immediately. Brandon and I were freaking out about that because Zachary had one once that almost ended with all 3 of us having mental breakdowns. Trent was so lethargic that he basically slept through the entire evening. He laid perfectly still and hardly made a peep during the test. Honestly, I would have rather he have been screaming because his little lifeless body was really, really frightening!
The tests came back perfectly clear. Thank you, Jesus! He stayed home with me the next day just so I could watch him. He wasn't as active as normal and complained of a headache, but Dr. Stagg had warned me of that with concussion patients. By day 2, he was back to his wild self....with the hospital bracelet still attached. He wore it until it rotted off!



KK said...

So thankful this little one is alright:)

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

I am so glad Trent is okay! What a scare!