September 23, 2010


Quick post to help get me caught up.....

We have loved going to the home football games and riding a float in the Homecoming Parade. They were so proud of their eye black!!

This is the first time that Trent has written his whole name without tracing it. I just love that E!!!

I bought Trent this blazer to wear to our cousin's wedding. When I purchased it, I thought that it would probably take a miracle to get him to wear it. He tried it on when I brought it home and seemed very interested in it. Here he is showing it off on the first day that he owned it. (He added the baseball cap for added effect) The next day my mom called and invited us to lunch. When I told him that we were going to meet her he disappeared for a few minutes. He came back sporting this:

Please notice 2 polos underneath. That's a spirit ribbon from Zachary's school on his front. I'm sad that I didn't get his feet because he was wearing camo boots. He wore this to downtown MP for lunch. He got LOTS of looks!!!!

My kids spend the majority of their time outside. I took my camera out one day while they were on the trampoline to get some pictures of them playing together. I love that Mac Dog walks up the ladder and onto the trampoline every time they get on.

Dirty, sweaty little boys...I love 'em!!Notice hospital bracelet still on least 3 days after incidentMac enjoys ANY attention. Even if it means little boys climbing on him, pulling his ears or tail, burying him in the sand, dental exams, etc....Zachary loves the peace signs right now. He is always flashing some sign to us. Trent wants so bad to know how and what he's doing. I love his little one finger sign and the fact that he's looking at big brother to try and figure out his "cool moves"


Mandy said...

Thank goodness for new posts! They are getting so big. Looks like it was a jam packed summer!

KK said...

Cutie pies! Love the 'sport coat' pictures. Trent is going to follow in his Great Grandfather's footsteps for sure, as far as fashion is concerned.

KK said...

Precious pictures of precious little boys. Love Trent's writing:)

Graham said...

I love it! Such beautiful boys!