February 8, 2008

Got to see this!

If you are married, you will love this! After both my husband and I being sick with the flu last week, it hits really close to home. Cracking me up!!


Mandy said...

Men are such babies! That is funny!

Chantel said...

Oh, that is so funny...Kelli showed me that when I was in town. Unfortunately true around here!

No, my spellecheck doesn't work either....I rely on it so much and it's very needed....what's the deal?

jeff's mom said...

Mary Katherine,
I am a friend of Kaye and have enjoyed reading your blog and KK's. It just dawned on me that Kaye is always taking & sending pictures of kids & grandkids (ie Christmas), four Jacks, etc to family friends. But I don't think I have ever seen one of Kaye and your dad together ... do you happen to have one? Maybe in front of the Christmas tree like the kids?

Don't know what I will do with it ... but maybe come up with a gift idea for her since she is so full of them for everyone else :)

Jeff's mom