February 8, 2008

Wild about Keno

Last night I was invited to sub in a Keno group. The theme was jungle and the hostesses did a great job carrying the theme out in every aspect of the evening. It was great fun and, as an added bonus, I won a faux mink apron!

The hostesses and Sister

Greeting us at the entry

Two overly excited Keno players

Dining room with cute place settings

Drink table featuring "Cheetah-ritas" and "Aussie Ale"

Yep, it's an actual boar head in the middle of the bar

Our delicious menu

Adorable and delish cookies

LR PAKEENO group...the pressure is on! Not only are they showing us up with their themed nights, they are also taking every opportunity to try to convince me that Texas Keno is better than Arkansas Pakeeno! I'm still not 100% convinced, but the "cheetah-ritas" did much in the persuading process!


Kelly said...

WOW - somebody really went ALL out on that party! I don't even think I could try to compete.
I love those animal print cookies!

The Garners said...

Oh man...October is my host month and I'd better get BUSY planning! This is all so cute--wow!

Mandy said...

You guys really go all out! Looks like fun!

Heather said...

Love the golf cart and cheetah ritas!!