February 17, 2008

V Day Recap

Z helped me wrap T's gift. I was so proud that he wrote his brother's name by himself. The last 2 letters are on the back b/c we ran out of room.

Mama knows the power of some new shoes so that is what the boys got for Valentine's Day. Z got real cleats...you wouldn't believe how much faster he can run in them!

T got his very own boots so that he doesn't have to stumble around in ours anymore. He was very excited about them...the plastic faux snake skin didn't bother him a bit. Sorry about the balloon in his face, but I gave up trying to get a good shot.

This is from Z's party at school. He decorated a cupcake and then devoured it!

These are the bouquets of flowers that the kids made for their moms. It is most definitely the best bouquet I have ever received!

After Z's party, we were off to T's. The little one loved his party. He ate everything they put on his plate.

I love seeing all the toddlers in this table. They just look adorable hanging there.

These are balloons that Daddy brought home for the boys--proof that it does NOT pay to wait until the last minute on V day.

My limited spanish tells me that this says something like, "I want you." Not really what I would think is appropriate for my 18 month old.

I must share these with you. I made them for Z's school. Let me say, I was so proud of how they turned out, but 2 words for you: TIME CONSUMING!!

Hope your day was fun! I should tell you that I got 2 dozen pink tulips from my husband. (No picture to share of those b/c I have them shoved in a tea glass...apparently the vases are in storage.) While my bouquet from Z was my favorite, the tulips ran a close second.


The Garners said...

I laughed at the Dora balloon--I pictured B at Kroger or wherever, shopping through the remaining 4 balloons! :) And your party treats are really really cute!

Heather said...

Looks like a fun V day all around. The Spanish balloons cracked me up...super cute treats!!
We are looking for a pair of cowboy boots for Brooks too!!

Mandy said...

Looks like everyone had a great Valentine's day! The Spanish balloon was hilarious! Leave it to a guy to wait until the last minute! Party favors were cute!